Chapter 20 – Father and Son: Page 31

Chapter 20 - Father and Son - Page 31

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  • Lleyn

    Oh Murakami, thank goodness you’re there. I remember when I was crying hard over some heartache once, my cat, who was not all that cuddly, climbed into my lap and started purring really, really loudly. And she did not stop until I had calmed down. God rest her fiery little soul.

  • bronakopdin

    omg >_<'
    I'm so agreeing with Lleyn here! I only had a cat once… and only for a bout a year, I took him over from an old lady neighbor that moved out of my block and asked if I could care for him until the moving and craftspeople are finished in her new flat… but then she extended the time to get him back week after week until she finally asked if I wanted to keep him since she felt to old to care for him longer (and as I found out later she had a cancer diagnosis which was probably the main reason to make sure to give Poldi a nice new home)
    sadly I needed to bring Poldi down nearly exactly one year later because he got acute renal failure, we tried some things with the vet to bring them back to work but nothing helped so we ended his pain a few weeks later… at least with 17 he wasn't too young to die… but even though I only had him for roughly a year he was so important to me and cheered me up every time I felt bad, cats just sense it, even if your're not crying!

    • Donald Burch

      I’m in the same position now. I care for a three year old cat while his parents look for a new home. My health has taken a nose dive recently and Shaun, the cat who isn’t at all cuddly or loving won’t leave me alone. He purrs, climbs on me when I’m in bed, and knocks open doors if he thinks he can’t reach me. I live alone and I find his affection comforting. I do my best to assure him that I’m okay. Rafa is hurting inside a lot more than I am. Let’s hope Murakami can comfort him until this mess gets resolved.

  • kuku

    Oh Rafa honey, my heart aches for you – you look sort of hollow-cheeked there too – good kitty Murakami, help him hold together.

  • D. Garrett

    dat smexy scene iz nice! u should make a webcomic porn chapter of them somehow as a bday/xmas gift 2 me! (bday iz dec. 23 so i alwayz get combo gifts) pweeze???