Chapter 20 – Father and Son: Page 29

Chapter 21 - Father and Son - Page 29

Lea Michele – Battlefield

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  • Michel Proulx

    That’s what happens when you don’t let the other speak…
    Rafa, eres un burro sin sentido común. Sabiendo lo que sabes, y más, que sabes que él sabe…

  • bronakopdin

    what does that mean in English?! I’d like to know ^^

    so sad… but I can’t even be angry with Elan! Rafa you baka >_<'

    • Aurelie86

      Michel said “Rafa, you’re a donkey without common sense. Knowing what you know, and, you know he knows.” Google translate can -and has been known to- be wrong so don’t quote me.

      • bronakopdin

        haha! thanks ^^

  • Aurelie86

    What?! I had to go back and reread that last few pages. How did we get here and why does it feel like someone kicked me in my stomach Q_Q.

    • Red

      My stomach hurts too! I feel dumped! Well maybe Elan reacted like this because Rafa metioned Javier. What you think?

      • Aurelie86

        I don’t know honestly. Its hard to think when you’re stomach is all knotted up with emotion. I can see both sides clearly but I’m just like noo noo this is NOT how we solve things! You both are being too forceful and not listening to the other. Shh..shh…just get naked and talk it out. Who argues while naked, right? ^_^

        • Red

          totally agree :D. They sound like giving up on each other, soo sad.

      • kuku

        I don’t think it’s about Javier, Rafa didn’t even finish what he was going to say about Javier, so Elan doesn’t know what happened. But the last Elan had heard, Rafa’s only real long-term commitment was to Jake. Elan doesn’t know about Rafa’s realization that he is in love with Elan, or his break with Jake, or Carlos’ advice to leave Elan alone. Elan can remember their love-making and hope, but when he wants to go to Rafa and Rafa doesn’t want him there, it can easily read as rejection, especially as Elan has never seen himself as attractive. And then Rafa’s “I have your best interests at heart” line basically echoes what Elan’s dad just told him before trying to cheat and then choke him. Elan has been through this big struggle to stand up for himself and get out from under his dad’s control, and then Rafa talks like Elan is a naive child that needs protecting – that’s not going to go over well. In the crushing disappointment, he tries to cut it short by hanging up.

  • Happy Pancakes

    Best interests at –
    Rafa, no. Not you too.
    Look at the last guy who said he knew what was best for Elan.

  • Donald Burch

    I’m not sure if it is deliberate but Rafa looks terrible on this page. Drawn and haggard as if he has scarcely slept for six weeks. It seems as if things have flipped for the boys. Elan has recovered and gained strength from his experience while Rafa has suffered all this time. As things go with life the pendulum will swing back. Will Rafa take his hero’s journey, bounce back, and fight for Elan? Who knows. I know only that I feel very sad right now. Thank you again, Mice for a story that is as beautiful in its pain as in its joy.

  • kuku

    Oh Rafa, REALLY bad choice of words at the moment. If only Rafa could have heard (and believed) what Elan just said about what an amazing person he is, and if Elan could only read what Rafa wrote in the diary about how in love he is…. but then, Rafa was still calling Elan a boy, and for their relationship to work (which it will in the future, right???), Rafa is going to need to see them as equals – Elan as a man, and Rafa as a worthy man.

    Plus, really, if Rafa saw the bruises on Elan’s neck right now – let’s just say we don’t want him in prison for the way he would go after Mr. Singer!

    At some point they will have to meet over Murakami, right? (Hmmm – could be tricky for Gabriel Garcia Marquez. But Ms. Mouse has lived long and prospered, so maybe it will be okay.)

  • Rache

    Gaahhhh!!! No!!! Elan how could you let him go like that? You’re in a sort-of-relationship with someone and you don’t want to discuss the state of that in person? I more than understand that he was upset, but seriously? Hmm, on that thought, he was waiting for Rafa to be his saving grace after the experience with his father and Rafa really dropped the ball. Ouch, my heartttt is breakkiiinggg!!

  • *crying* ….this is all your fault Rafa! You big baka!!! Now we all have to wait longer for happy smoochie times between you two! *grumbles about how much of an idiot Rafa is being* But it will be interesting to see how things progress from here. I bet Carlise is going to tell him just how much of an idiot he was and Gibbs smacks him. Rafa needs a good Gibbs smack.

  • SmokedBoo

    I haven’t been on for a couple weeks, and THIS is what I come back to?

    Rafa needs to quit with the “it’s for your own good” schpeel, and Elan needs to not be so damn stubborn.

    God, this is good yaoi. I fucking love it.

  • I AM R U

    I didn’t want to think this would happen, or something like it, but… I kinda did… T.T Still, sad… Hopefully they can work it out…

  • Morbidkittygirl

    DAMMIT RAFA. I’m literally hyperventilating right now.

  • IronDog