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Chapter 21 - Father and Son - Page 28

Secondhand Serenade – It’s Not Over

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  • Donald Burch

    OMG I want to smack them both but specially Rafa. He couldn’t heed his own words and wait until he saw Elan — and the bruise on his neck. He jumps from emotion and attempts to protect Elan from the big, bad neighborhood. Rafa, clue for you; no part of the world is truly safe! You can only make the little part that is yours a safer place and surround yourself with those you love and trust. You then look after each other as best you can.

    • Jonni

      Bear in mind that Rafa wasn’t allowed to see Elan after he was hurt or help look after him – he was just left with Mr Singer’s words ringing in his ears, squarely dumping all the blame on him: a guilt trip he has fallen for. He’s still reacting from that guilt now.

      I love what you said about the world never being completely safe anywhere, it was wonderfully put.

      • Donald Burch

        Jonni, thank you for the compliment. I appreciate your words of caution about how Rafa swallowed Mr. Singer’s Kool-Aid/guilt trip. I understand what Rafa is going through. He and Elan are dealing with the same trauma in different ways.

        Rafa took it on the chin emotionally and he is expressing it now. Elan, as Themice said has it buried deep in his mind since he was injured and it pounces when he least expects it. Themice is playing this out beautifully and very realistically given what the boys have been through.

        As a reader I still feel frustrated when I see that pain and suffering play out ibefore me. I feel helpless as any friend might. I can only hope and pray for Rafa to get a grip and turn from his self-destructive course. In that I commend Mice. Every aspect of trauma is playing out for each of those involved as well as their friends — us, the audience. Yeesh, long-winded ain’t I? *blush* Sowwy!

        • Jonni

          Don’t be sorry, it’s fun when you wax lyrical. You’d only be long winded if you were taking a long time to say a simple thing. There is nothing simple in what is going on with Elan and Rafa, I appreciate your thoughts. Personally I want to bake them cookies and sit them down somewhere they can talk (or maybe feed each other cookies) ;). Respect to Themice for creating such complex and lovable characters!

          • Donald Burch

            How many problems in life can we solve by simply sitting with some milk and a plate of cookies. /sigh. I thank you again, Jonni for your kind words. I’m drawn to this story by the beauty of the characters. Elan and Rafa seem so real to me. They strike me as men I might enjoy having as friends in real life. I’m not sure how they might react to my finger wagging and telling them to eat cookies but hey, there is a good reason why I’m not a character in the story.

          • SVM2015

            Can totally relate. Wish I could sit them down with tea and sweets so that they could let the air out.

          • D. Garrett

            hey donald u could be the quirky docent they befriend when they get over this hesitation and go to the museum together…i think u would be an interesting docent btw.

          • Aw, thank you! The nicest compliment I had to look up on google in ages! Seriously, I appreciate learning new things and I didn’t know what “docent” was. Now I do. Life is good.

            I feel uncertain about being a good docent for Rafa and Elan. I appreciate the compliment but it’s a lot easier to guide from behind my monitor than to face these guys in person. Firstly, they’re just gorgeous and I know how distracting that would be for me. Secondly, both like to argue and have notorious difficulty listening. A good docent slips information under their defenses in the guise of small talk and cookies. Anyway, your comment inspires me to address a matter in real life.

            I haven’t been a good friend to Mouse. I volunteered to help with editing and failed to follow through. No sooner than I get the files than the electrical wiring in my home fries. As the lines are being repaired the water line ruptures requiring massive reconstruction. This continues over the course of weeks. The stress of possibly losing my home due to the expense of these repairs as well as the general headache of enduring days forced from home and then intermittent power and water failures just took an epic toll on my sanity. Regardless, I promised to help and I failed. The why and how of it doesn’t matter. Nothing changes the essential fact.

            If this happened to one of the boys I might say, “A friend isn’t someone who does but who is.” I can know in my head what to say but like the story of EMR, life isn’t so clear and simple. I take pride in being a good friend and being dependable and I let Mouse down. How can I be a decent docent… no, don’t get distracted by alliterations *ahem*… when I fail to set a good example?

            Argh, I can see this in-story. About how our friends are only human and what matters is how they handle mistakes. Am I handling mine better by addressing it here and thinking of it in story terms? I’ve no idea. Ah, but for the beauty of a writer’s perspective. It might be nice to have it in first-person context.

            Thank you again, D. Garrett for the fun and kind compliment. I cherish the opportunity to learn something new and think about life from a different perspective.

          • D. Garrett

            donald burch i am glad you learned a new word. you’ve taught me at least 1 that i commented on. i think you’re still a good friend. you had a very difficult situation you had 2 deal with and a true friend would be understanding and forgiving. i don’t think you’re giving mouse enough credit. she is more kind than you seem 2 think, i think. question: if it were at all possible 4 u 2 do it, would u have done it? then ur still a good friend. docents r human 2, so u still qualify. ur welcome 4 the compliment but do me a fave and stop being so hard on yourself. life is hard enough without us adding 2 it!

          • I’d help in a heartbeat. I still have the files. If it isn’t too late I can edit.

          • Hope you haven’t been stressing out, Donald. Don’t worry a nanosecond about it. In the grand scheme of things this is just a webcomic, not a house!! I still love you mwah mwah.

          • Mice, thank you. It has been indeed a rough time but I hold friendship very dearly. We don’t know each other but your work never fails to bring me smiles and food for thought. I want to support your work so when something gets in the way, like a house… GRRR…!!! If you still need editing let me know. The dust has settled here a bit.

          • First few books are taken care of very well, maybe down the road when I wear out my current proofreaders.

  • Rafa.. Don’t… you …. DARE!

  • Red

    Rafa… home is where the heart is…. Please….

  • Aurelie86

    My heart’s in my throat with this update. I don’t know what to say. =(

  • bronakopdin

    oh no…. no….. noooooo…. you CAN’T be serious!!!!!!!!!

    Elan, screw that just RUN to him SLAP his face and hug and kiss him!!!!!!

  • MoonScar

    Tiny grammatical nitpick, in this context the correct word is “conscience,” not conscious.

    • themice

      not a nitpick, but a big error I have to fix tonight. Thanks!

      • Lleyn

        *Snrk* And here I thought it was just Elan’s fancy way of saying “conscience” (you know, like his usage of words like “Seraglio”) I think there should definitely be a noun like “conscious” in the English language. As a non-native speaker and a member of the European Union, I vote for it! ;)

  • Red

    Elan, don’t hear him. Just run there and kiss him. Once he sees you he would stop talking like that! Go for it boy, with the determination you had that first day you got away from your father !

  • Rachel K

    Just found this comic and read it in one sitting. I’m on the edge of my seat! Just a whirlwind of emotions in this story, I’m just sad I didn’t find it sooner :/

    Rafaaaa…don’t do what we think you’re going to. You know good and well that’s not what’s right for either one of you!!

    • themice

      *o/* Thanks for reading!

  • Pamela Cunningham

    You know themice I’ve been reading your comic for a while and it always amazes me how relatable your characters are . your a fantastic story teller and not everyone can tell a good story . I patiently wait every wensday for your comic because I know good or bad I’m in for a treat so keep up the good work LOVE your beautiful story .

    • themice

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. :)

      • Pamela Cunningham

        Your welcome you know I often see you comment on other comics .I’ve always wondered if you ever get inspiration from any of those comics .

        • themice

          right now I only read teahouse. I’ve skimmed through TJ and Amal now that it is finished. I decidedly do not read comics so as not to get ideas (just drawing techniques). 99% of my inspiration comes from real people and real life. pretty much everything is an exaggeration if real events and amalgamations of living people.

          • Pamela Cunningham

            Well yes the tea house is good (Axis and Ryhs)that one has so much drama . I thought I saw a comment on the young protectors from you I could be wrong anyway I appreciate you answering my post much thanks .

          • themice

            a lot if people that come here read TYP – like Doki and Donald. I always say on going to start reading that one.

          • Pamela Cunningham

            Well that a good one to if you get time you should check it out .

          • Donald Burch

            TYP touches on the same basic humanity as what you write, Mice. For all the flashy costumes and super powers Alex keeps his story very much about normal people with everyday hopes and fears. I can follow your story along with TYP because you share that basic, fundamental humanity. I can so easily and personally relate to your work.

          • SVM2015

            I follow TYP and Artifice. Both are really good ones and I need to catch up.
            Starfighter, Shades of A, Grave Impressions and Devoto are the other ones I follow a lot. I’m sad Teafighter’s not being drawn up anymore. The plot and illustrations are brilliant.

          • ….I post on TYP alot …..and I often to tell people that EMR updated and if they haven’t started reading it yet, where they can start. ^_^

          • Pamela Cunningham

            I see you quite a lot to Doki do you post on smackjeeves and star fighter .

          • …..on the comics I read that have Disqus…I have commented on Always Raining Here, EMR, My Personal Angel, Pupurea Noxa, Prince of Cats, Ship Jumper, Starfighter, Teahouse, Tripping Over You, and TYP

            …..and I am unable to remember all the comics on SJ where I have said something, but Devoto, One Rainy Day, What Happens in Carpediem for sure….I comment a lot less on SJ, so I have more trouble remembering which ones I have said something on….but I am currently having 33 that I am following on SJ

          • themice

            I don’t know if I’ll ever get to reading all or any of those. I can keep up with Teahouse because it posts so little! :P I have another webcomic after EMR so I doubt I get any breaks (that will be pushed to 2015 because I don’t think EMR will be finished until the end of the year). Plus I’m doing my own children’s book (after doing someone else’s and now know how) and I want to make little books of EMR.

            Good thing I’m a troglodyte.

          • Pamela Cunningham

            Great minds I also follow many of the same comics that you’ve mentioned .I particularly like Devote and Simon sues but I’ve recently started a B.L by two brothers Marcus and Felix Avenier .They like darker themes but their storyline is excellent and their art is fantasticfantastic. If you don’t mind post apocalypse theme you should check it out it’s at .

          • Oh….they are updating again? I keep forgetting to check that one…

          • Pamela Cunningham

            So you already know about it yes they have started to update again .I’m loving that Uke and I usually don’t like bad boy Semes but it’s something about this one that I really like .

          • A service of which I greatly appreciate, Doki!

          • D. Garrett

            u remind me of a character in my fav original fan fic story. i have read alot of fan fiction but this one is the best of all to me. ***adult fan fiction/ i didnt know you were real/ by babettegood.*** it is awesome! if u get some free time u might want to check it out cuz u can def relate to one of the main characters. i already shared in a comment on this webcomic- nuvole bianche which is one of my fav piano pieces. well that song is featured in this fan fic and how i came to know of it. i hope u read it. its only about 13 delicious chaps long. and normally i like a lot of smut, but this is moderate in that area but tastefully done.