Chapter 20 – Father and Son: Page 24

Chapter 21 - Father and Son - Page 24

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  • Loneliestoflulabies

    Even with the warning I’m in shock of the cliffy

    • Roxabel Victoria Pérez Egaña


  • …please don’t throw the phone out the window like last time!

    And so Rafa has the two cats AND Ms Mouse followed him home!

  • bronakopdin

    oh please pick up this time >_<'

    so nice to see all the cute pets! He must so love them :)

    • themice

      He does. Pets are therapy too.

  • Ashley Schweiss

    Guh you know how to play with our emotions! I can’t wait to see what Elan says t.t

  • Sofia Rodrigues

    oooooh please pick up pleaseeeeee >.<

  • SVM2015

    YES! Please pick up Rafa. (praying)
    The cats look so adorable. I hope they kept the mouse alive.

    • themice

      Mouse has to stay alive.

  • dalekskaro

    Gaaaaawwwwwwdd the cliff hangers are killing me….. Rafa better pick up and set up a meet up with Elan.

  • PurrAlaniPurr

    So glad I found this comic. :) I can’t wait for more.

    • themice

      Glad you found it too! :)

  • Aryllia

    That’s right Elan, show the world who’s the boss. You’ve stood up to your father and now you bloody well deserve some victory love!

  • Jonni

    Dear Rafa, there with the cats and the phone close to hand. I wonder how many hours he’s spent like that, determined not to miss another call from his beloved Elan. Loving the detail on the table leg, btw, mice

  • SmokedBoo


  • I AM R U

    …not dealing well with possible heart ache in this comic… Caring waaay too much about the characters, themice, you evil genius… *sigh*

    Really taken with Elan – I know previously I’ve mentioned that I prefer Rafa, but I think its because Elan makes me uncomfortable (…too much like myself, tbh, and perhaps up until recently a little too passive and out of control…) so its been really, really good seeing him grow, and take control, and work out (perhaps) what he actually wants in life. I’m just really hoping that includes Rafa, and that the two of them can work it all out and be together… Sometimes when life changes you, the old pieces no longer fit, and while I’m really REALLY hoping that isn’t the case here, it may simply be that Rafa helped Elan become who he needed to be, but isn’t going to fit into the “new” Elan’s life… Anyway, I’m going to stop now, because I’m over thinking…

    Just wanted to say, loving this comic still, keep up the amazing work (and I hope you feel better soon >.< )

    • themice

      The key has always been Elan has to grow, or Rafa would always be a substitute of someone taking care of him. Rafa has to grow to, sideways a bit.

  • easyebeatle

    I’ve had this saved on my reading list for a couple months, but just started reading it yesterday. Fantastic job on the story, art, and music. I literally just shouted “What?! Nuuuuuuuuuu!” when I realized this is the last page (before the next update). I was so into the story I had no idea I was nearing the current releases. Complete surprise. And sadness. Much sadness.

    • themice

      Thank you for reading! Updates are fairly regular. There will be a break between Part 2 and Part 3. Not long though.