Chapter 20 – Father and Son: Page 23

Chapter 21 - Father and Son - Page 23

Hozier – Take Me to Church**

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**The video is brutal, watch it only if you can handle severe gay bashing. If not listen through my link instead of youtube.

  • Mmmm nice first image there….lovely page themice!

    I like the song you chose for this page!

    Are you feeling any better?

    • themice

      Chapter 20 is a long one. Still more to come, unfortunately.

      Still sick, so it wasn’t a wordy update. :P

      • SVM2015

        I love the drawings here. It really reminds me of the Wong Kar Wai film Happy Together with the B&W/Sepia contrasts.
        Oh man, I hope he’s calling who I think he’s calling.

        • themice

          Had to google that. You recommend the film?

          Thanks, getting better. But not there yet.

          • SVM2015

            I prefer Wai’s more recent works 2046 & In the Mood for Love. But Happy Together is a good film, especially with the color.
            A slow pace is often looked upon as a film’s detriment but it really works with this one. Tony Leung and Leslie Chung have great chemistry.

  • bronakopdin

    oh those sweet memories~

  • Aurelie86

    So I got the message that there was an update while walking to class. My little squeal of joy caused the people around me to look at me crazy and I had to close my email XD. I squeal again everytime I look at it (from the privacy of my home this time lol)

  • Librarican

    That is a powerful video, and I love the song lyrics too. If you can stomach the content I highly recommend watching it, it is Very well done.
    That flashback first frame is stunning and stopped me in my scrolling. I keep coming back to it and just staring at it. Beautiful.

    • themice

      I watched the video before going to bed and it kept me up for a while. Powerful! yes, we all should take note. Disturbing? yes! :P

      Thank you!

  • The music you pick is ALWAYS SO gorgeous
    I’m sure you’ve told us before, but is there a central place you could/have put the tracklist? I’d love to be able to check more of these musicians out more fully but often when I’m reading is not the best time to do more in depth looking up.

    • You can find the play list here:

      And here you can find songs that other people have shared.

      Or are you wanting – Artist – Album – Track – Title?

      • no sorry! yeah I just found it after I hit Post, because I was sure it was here, I just couldn’t find it. Do you know how close to the present the playlist at the first link is (as in, it doesn’t have Take me to Church, so it isn’t immediately updated, which is FINE, not to be complaining, just recognizing)? It looks like it is in order of when comics/songs went up (just checked out and the first one listed is from the first comic).

        • @themice:disqus Probably hasn’t had a chance to update it yet…but I am sure she will update it as soon as she has a chance. ^_^

    • themice

      I also have a youtube page called the EMR soundtrack –

      Though the songs can slightly differ from those on my box account.