Chapter 20 – Father and Son: Page 22

Chapter 21 - Father and Son - Page 22

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  • Uncle Felipe was supposed to be there? Darn you airport for making him late! …..I really cannot wait until he is in the comic proper, not just a glance here and there!

    Looks like Elan wasn’t planning on returning to Mr. SInger’s house no matter what the outcome was. ^_^ At least this time he is leaving with a change of clothes and his pet, and he has a phone!

    Any bets that he is going to try to call Rafa?

    • Oriana

      If he doesn’t phone Rafa, I don’t know what I’ll do! I cannot take this any more!

    • SVM2015

      Wow. Didn’t know Felipe was actually planning on coming to this deal! (Twilight Zone theme)
      Also hope he’s calling Rafa. 1 out of 2 is better than none. :)
      2nd bet’s on Carlise.
      3rd – very unlikely but probably the Guv.

      • Carlise is definitely a good back up plan. ^_^ I was thinking he might try calling her (if he knows her number) if he cannot get through to Rafa. ^_^

        • SVM2015

          Carlisle is like a satellite. When something’s up, she knows. If there’s an important message, she delivers it. ;)

    • bronakopdin

      I’m not betting, I’m praying he’s calling Rafa ;_;

      they need to TALK finally!!!

  • Simba

    Ah! Those bruises on his neck! I want to go all wolverine on his dad all over again.
    Don’t get me wrong, I really want Elan and Rafa together again, but secondarily, I really want Elan reunited with Murakami ^^; I miss the kitty who brought them together!

  • bronakopdin

    it’s so good to see Elan that prepared!
    I hope all will turn right now step by step! Go make call to Rafa please!!!!

    and I’m curious on what kind of person uncle Felipe will be :)
    we only know pictures and memories yet, how will he be in real?

  • SmokedBoo

    Is is just me, or does anybody else like to “Felipeee” in a deep, guttural voice? No? Okay, just me then.

    • themice

      I am now. :P

  • dalekskaro

    No update this week??