Chapter 20 – Father and Son: Page 19

Chapter 20 - Father and Son - Page 19

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  • *tearing up and with that emotional voice* Elan, you are doing Rafa proud! Good job love! Way to protect yourself!

    Remember to properly thank Rafa later! *wink wink nudge nudge* Know what I mean know what I mean?

    *giggles* Heh, bet Mr Singer wasn’t expecting that!

    • Donald Burch

      Love the Monty Python reference! Oh, yes, Elan must properly thank his teacher later but don’t celebrate yet. Unless there are witnesses Elan’s father can claim he was brutally assaulted by a maniac. I have a chilling suspicion Daddy Dearest might have a backup plan for if Elan doesn’t meekly sign over his trust. Example, it’s possible to have his son committed to a mental hospital, thereby gaining control of the trust as next of kin. Elan isn’t out of danger yet, mein fiends.

      • SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Was trying not to mention that!!! Didn’t want to give themice any ideas so I have been avoiding mentioning that!!

        • themice

          ah ha, scribbles down ideas…

        • Donald Burch

          Oh, I have every faith that what Mice has in store is far, far worse than anything I could dream up. The old “have my kid put in a hospital” schtick doesn’t work nowadays unless Daddy has Elan shipped off to Russia. Did I type that out loud?

          • I wouldn’t put it past Mr Singer to at least attempt to get Elan committed. If not for the “attack” then for “believing himself to be gay”. Mr Singer might be one of those people that see it as a disease and that it can be cured. So sends Elan to therapy to “straighten” him out. I don’t doubt that there are still places were rich people could send their gay children to “straighten” them out. Although his company is in trouble, if he can get one of those shady places to declare him incompetent…..(if you cannot tell I see almost all mental institutions as shady scary bad places and not above lying)

          • Donald Burch

            I know those places exist but having sat on both sides of the counselor’s couch I can say the system is much better. I suspect what you’re talking about, Doki is a “reparative therapy” center. To my knowledge none of these places can legally hold an adult against his will. Most of these places are funded by and run as extensions of religious institutions. States are cracking down on these places and it can’t happen soon enough.

            I’m not saying it is impossible, Doki. I’m saying it would be difficult and costly to pull off legally and “legally” is what Mr. Singer needs in order to get his hands on Elan’s trust. Sure, Mr. Singer could have Elan drugged and shipped off to a country to be committed in a sanitarium but it won’t get him the trust. He needs to prove Elan mentally incompetent before a U.S. judge with evidence provided by multiple independent, board certified mental health professionals.

            Might he buy off such a judge? Sure. Might he buy off a doctor or two? Absolutely. Can Elan’s Uncle Felipe challenge Mr. Singer’s right to the trust in court, tie it up in probate and use his own legal team to force the skullduggery into the open? Yes, at least in the real world. Such stunts rarely stand against scrutiny anymore in the U.S.. This is why they’ve become something of a cliche. Problem is, playing out the legal process might take years and I wouldn’t want poor Elan locked away that long. Drugs, isolation, and confinement might kill him. I trust Themice to not let that happen. *hugs Elan plushie*

          • I know things are getting better, I just have always had a soul deep fear of those places and an almost as deep natural aversion to psychiatrists and psychologists…though I also might suffer from a huge mistrust of the human race in general.

            And when I say always, I mean I cannot remember a time when I did not feel that way.

          • Donald Burch

            You’re not alone, Doki. *offers zen hug* That such places still exist at all chills me to the soul.

          • D. Garrett

            skullduggery—–i like that word!

      • Guest

        “Wink wink nudge nudge”. You are my favorite commenter on here lol. You always say what I’m thinking.

    • Aurelie86

      “Wink wink nudge nudge”. You are my favorite commenter on here lol. You always say what I’m thinking ^-^

  • Donald Burch

    To quote George Takei,

    “Oh, myyy…”

    I never in a million years thought Elan’s father might resort to physical violence. OMG that is so /stupid/ even if Elan is helpless! Talk about assault and battery charge! My initial response: GET ‘IM ELAN! GET ‘IM! GET ‘IM! *ahem* Now, for the technical details. Hearing Rafa’s lessons strikes me as good as his being there, coaching Elan through his battle. /very/ nice dramatic touch, Mice! Panel one and three seem like the best as far as physical action. Panel one was the “Oh no, you DIDN’T just…” moment. I imagine panel two as “Okay, this is really working! I can defend myself, Oh, he’s still got me…” moment. Panel three reminded me of Star Trek III when Adm. Kirk kicked the Klingon, Lord Kruge in the face, ultimately to tumble helplessly into the lava below. “I… HAVE HAD ENOUGH… OF YOU!” Great flow of action, love the ties moving. You conveyed a clear sense of motion and direction. Elan’s facial expression in panel three feels so gratifying. I’m excited! Thank you for a marvelous story so far. I’m ecstatic to see the next page. I suspect once the danger is over Elan might find a quiet place to hide and cry his heart out. It’s one thing to stand up for oneself. It’s another to stand up to violence from one’s father. I’ve been there. It tears a hole in the soul.

    Truly yours…

    • themice

      You’ll find he handles it in sad Elan way.

      • Donald Burch

        It can feel like a curse to perceive the world so deeply and with such emotion. So few can see the small slights and hurts to the world and yet to one like Elan such injuries are glaring and painful. It weighs heavily on a tender heart. “Can’t you see?” I imagine Elan saying to a blind and ignorant world. “Don’t you care?”

        Such ability to perceive hurts so much but it also takes in the beauty of the sun shining through a dewdrop on a crushed soda can. It can look at the worn bricks of a slum tenement and feel the warmth and hope of the people inside. It can catch a glimpse of a dove through a dirty pane of glass. These moments only last an instant but they lift the heart and soothe the soul.

        A shy little smile of greeting to a neighbor. Some bird seed left for the doves(and the squirrels). Just as the world can hurt profoundly in small, barely tangible ways it can be healed by small, gentle gestures. This is why I love the character of Elan so much.

        • SVM2015

          That is a really good way of putting it Donald. Thanks for sharing the idea. :)

        • D. Garrett

          wow donald that was really eloquent.

  • WiseDragonQueen .

    woot! Go Elan!

  • bronakopdin

    whoa! He really trained that move, eh?
    awesome Elan! To be quite honest I wouldn’t have thought you can do this!
    That dude deserves this! ESPECIALLY from his SOn who he just kicked around in his life yet!

  • Krondor2000

    Oh hell yes!!

  • Happy Pancakes

    FUCK YEAH! GO ELAN GO. Normally I don’t condone this but he’s a fucking asshole, so DO IT

  • Aurelie86

    *tears up* I’m so happy and relieved. *Walks away for tissue*

  • SVM2015

    YES! The self defense kicked in! Well done Elan!
    And yes Doki. Bet he wasn’t expecting that either. ;)

  • IronDog

    I…Am shockingly happy to see this.