Chapter 20 – Father and Son: Page 17

Chapter 20 - Father and Son - Page 17

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  • Loneliestoflulabies

    Not going to lie, there was doubt. Thought something dastardly would happen to my Rafa

  • You go Rafa! You tell him! And just be glad he didn’t call the cops.

    Cop: You again???

    Rafa: It’s not me this time sir! This (colorfull adjective of Rafa’s choice) tried to steal that old lady’s purse! I was just being a good citizen!

  • Aurelie86

    *sighs in relief* I was expecting something awful too.

  • bronakopdin

    you got him good Rafa :)
    thank god that dude had no chance to use that thing >_<'

  • themice……any theories why Disqus sent this comment to moderation? Because I am confused.

    • themice

      Maybe the word “chink”? Alone it is a racist term, but “chink in the armor” as a “narrow opening, such as a crack or fissure” in the armor. FWIW I used the term wrong anyway, I should have said “added fuel to the fire” instead.

      Hope you let this one through for me. I don’t see my own comments in moderation!

      • Yeah, this one also got sent to moderation…..I think this just proves that having at least two mods for a site is a good thing. ^_^ So happy you gave me that honor!

        • themice

          Happy you are willing to do it. One less thing I have to worry about! :) <3

      • Jonni

        how about “another link in the armour of his decision” as in a link of chainmail?

  • SVM2015

    Thank you defensive martial arts. That’s one less thing to worry about.
    Still feel like the sitch is going to turn though… I don’t know why. I’ll feel better if Rafa gets the knife out of the perp’s hand.

    But what if he accidentally meets his brothers in prison!?

    Mice, why do you allow us to go nuts?

  • Donald Burch

    New antivirus stopped me from making comments for a while. ARGH! So many wonderful pages and I could not comment! Anyway, I’m here now and as usual, Mice has gripped my attention. I figured Rafa getting stabbed was “too obvious” a plot turn but still, I have seen the obvious turn taken only to introduce a plot twist after the fact. See Mice? I get turned around chasing my own tail, figuratively speaking trying to keep up with your story. That’s how well you’ve done as a writer. As an artist I can say that illustrating action, especially violent action is extremely difficult. More so if you’re detail oriented and insist on the moves being accurate and plausible. I find YouTube videos helpful in these cases when I draw. Regardless, I followed the action clearly and I appreciated your attention to detail in how Rafa took his perp down. I also saw your little avatar on the page. *waves* If I have one constructive criticism to offer it is that this page, while accurate and plausible lacked a feeling of motion. I achieve the effect via perspective, showing the knife coming at “me” the viewer and Rafa grasping it for example. No matter what, you accomplished what you set out to demonstrate and I cannot wait until the next update.

    Always yours!

    • themice

      Thank you Donald! That is a great criticism. I wish I would have though of it, it would have made it so much better. Maybe, if I do an epub/book I will steal your idea! :D It is such a good suggestion.

      And you are the first to mention the mouse! You win this round! :)

  • I AM R U

    Annnd now I get to breath again…

    Side note – first time ever, got a trigger warning pop up.

    • themice

      That trigger plugin is so unreliable. I only get it myself every now and then. I am hoping it is just be overly cautious, that most will not be triggered by it.

      For this story I am completely avoiding my triggers: rape and suicide. I can’t handle them and thus can never draw them/write them–too close to home (not me but close to people that have). I’d hope to have a warning so I try to be careful for others.

      • Is it really being unreliable? It has popped up every single time I have gone to that page.

        • themice

          It does for me but other people have reported differently.

      • I AM R U

        I get it every second or third time I check the comic… Thanks for it though, and I think that’s perfectly reasonable – I seem able to depict my own triggers, but have trouble sometimes reading/seeing them for some odd reason… Eh, human psychology is a weird thing…

        • themice

          Hopefully you saw it the first time? I assume subsequent times you are already ‘prepared’ for it.

  • D. Garrett

    whoo hoo! luv some rafa! so kickass.