Chapter 20 – Father and Son: Page 12

Chapter 20 - Father and Son - Page 12

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  • Wow…..I knew his father was going to be a di**, but seriously…? After you threw him out just because he didn’t want to follow the path you laid out for him, you really expect him to agree to something like this? You have some balls Mr SInger to even suggest such stipulations, or were you thinking that Elan might just be so happy to finally have a place to sleep that isn’t in a questionable part of town that he wouldn’t question any of your dealings?

    Now I am not sure if that little stipulation is just so you can find a fault with your son in order to deny him his money and keep it for yourself, to have a way to control Elan’s behavior if he wants the money, or some combination of both.

    Some multimillion dollar company! You have run it into the ground and it is about to go bankrupt! He can question you all he wants! Your son isn’t gullible! Just innocent! There is a difference!!! He is no longer a child, you sir need to face up to that!


    Elan, love, you are handling this remarkably well. ^_^ *hugs* You are keeping your cool and all your points are valid. Keep on being strong and don’t give in to your father’s pressure! You can do it!!!

    • bronakopdin

      you totally spoke my mind here Doki!!!

    • RD

      The ultimate irony here, I think, is that the path Mr. A. Singer wanted Elan to follow was to go to law school. A place where Elan could hardly avoid learning to read agreements over himself before signing them at the very least. Even in preparation for law, Mr. Singer would have been making sure that Elan had the tools and knowledge to avoid this exact trap. Mr. Singer gave Elan a good education, and Elan would have been good enough to pass his LSATs with a high score. (A self-made man like Mr. Singer would never pay to get his son into school if Elan had failed. Plus one of the fundamental things about Elan is that he believes in the power of education, and he has a good one. I doubt very highly that Elan would have accepted a place in law school he hadn’t earned, even during his fog. Even if his father had pushed him to.) Although a little naive, Elan is extremely smart.

      Now, since it seemed that Mr. Singer’s endgame at the beginning was to get Elan declared incompetent it is possible that he may have pushed Elan into a field where he knew Elan would fail, giving him the grounds to disown Elan, have him watched, and wait for Elan to slip up, land in major trouble (drugs or the sex trade being the most likely), and gain the spoils from there. However, this theory suggests a level of coldness on Mr. Singer’s part that I find difficult to believe. It seems more likely that he has been working with a web of possible plans that are most likely to provide him with the best outcome as circumstances evolve.

      Mr. Singer is betting hugely on Elan’s trust, affection, and devotion to overcome his education here. For someone who so often seems to have all the angles covered, this is sloppy. Which indicates two things, neither of them good. Either this is a mark of just how desperate he is (in which case I wouldn’t put it past him to pull a gun on Elan himself) or he has one hell of a joker in his back pocket. He just does not strike me as the kind of man to put all his eggs in one basket like this.

      Regardless, Mr. Singer has made the most common mistake in this comic. He assumes that because Elan is quiet, he is powerless. (Even Rafa is guilty of this.) Mr. Singer has underestimated Elan, and now we must hope that Elan has not made the same mistake about Mr. Singer.

    • D. Garrett

      yeah. what doki says. *growls too. and he says that he has only had elans best interests in mind. im expecting the lightning strike to hit him next page. no, i dont care that they are indoors. it doesnt matter. :P

  • gahocleric

    am I the only one hearing the heavily implied BITCH at the end of that last panel?

  • Aurelie86

    Gah, I fell behind but I caught up today. O.m.g things just turned so intense so fast! Elan why is your dad such a giant prick??

    And Rafa why are you about to be stabbed?! Nooo this is not the happy ending that I keep thinking will show up in the next update!

    Oh, TheMice you are an amazing story teller. The plot is so well developed. Elan and Rafa are so loveable, how are you able to put them in these situations without dying on the inside lol! Just reading this makes me want to hug them and then put them in a room together with scented candles and Barry White. XD

  • Lleyn

    And of course Daddy-dear pulls the “how dare you” card. It is somewhat understandable, after all, he’s build something successfully (well, not any longer successfully), and what has Elan build so far?

    It is somewhat tragic to see that Mr. Singer has no respect for his son. Because I think if he’d swallowed his pride, approached Elan as an equal and explained the situation to him, Elan would’ve been glad to help out his dad. After all, he wants his love so much.

    This way, he just feels exploited and used (and he is), and all Mr. Singer manages, is to push his son further away from him. Which does not help the small matter of having to get Elan’s consent in order to get his money.

  • SVM2015

    Yep. Elan couldn’t have said it better.

  • bronakopdin

    Oh YES, feed him Elan! Even though he sure looks scared he still gives his dad contra! I’m so proud!

  • Ashley Schweiss

    Elan and Rafa are people I wish to emulate. Both these men have had way different experience but they’re both strong and both set out firmly on the moral path they feel is right. They complement each other so well it hurts! I can’t wait to see what happens next week. Don’t give up you two!

  • I AM R U

    Good job Elan, always read the fine print!

  • Loneliestoflulabies

    Aha, stck it to him Elan