Chapter 1 – Disowned: Page 8

Chapter 1 - Disowned - Page 8

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  • I still love that line. “Shouldn’t we exchange information so you can sue me for every penny I don’t have?” I know that feeling Rafa, I so know that feeling.

    • SVM2015

      The question everybody feels like asking. ^_^ Well said Rafa. Well said.

  • D. Garrett

    rafa is so cute in bottom panel. rereading this. had a fucked up morning and this story makes me feel better. im trying to not hate all men. lets see if elan and rafa can help me.

  • Ninhursag

    Re-reading back now, Rafa looked so young at the start of the story. It’s quite the contrast how he looked at the beginning and how he currently looks. Well, even if only some months have passed in this universe, a lot has happened and it left a visible mark on Rafa.