Chapter 1 – Disowned: Page 7

Chapter 1 - Disowned - Page 7

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  • DudetteMet

    I can’t get any further than page 7 or there is an error. I am enjoying this thus far, has anyone else had this issue or is my computer weird?

    • themice

      That scared me. MY WHOLE WEBSITE went down. Stablehost said my php.ini was bad and they replaced it. I never accessed that file, but who knows. The site is back up and that is all that matters.

      • Dokidokibaka

        It scared me too.

        • themice

          and I accidentally spammed subscribers with a poll I was testing! Damn bad web morning I’m having.


          • Dokidokibaka

            awwwww *hugs* Things can only get better right? (saying the other thing is taboo)

  • He he he. I just noticed Rafa is wearing flip flops. This makes me giggle.

  • Amanda Wolf

    JUST scratched up?!