Chapter 1 – Disowned: Page 4

Chapter 1 - Disowned - Page 4

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  • Jon Snow

    Nice ♥

  • You know, I think most animals seem to be drawn to Elan. The stray cat comes up to him and lets him pet him, the mouse climbs up on the bench to meet him before seeing the cat. I say that the mouse climbed up to meet him because I cannot think of why a mouse would be on an occupied bench otherwise.

    • Amanda Wolf

      Just chillin’

  • Amanda Wolf

    I don’t know why, but the mouse’s thought bubble amuses me

  • Aaron Alexander Young

    I am rereading this, and I really think it is a nice introduction to Elan that he is cast out of his home without a penny to his name, and he immediately places finding a home for a stray cat above his own well-being. He may not always be sensible, but he really is a good person beneath the defensive sarcasm and evasive wordiness. Additionally, given his wary attitude, I think no animal could have been chosen better for him, as a companion and familiar, than a cat.

  • SmokedBoo

    I am so far behind in this comic I decided to start over! I totally forgot Rafa was ating Lola lol