Chapter 1 – Disowned: Page 2

Chapter 1 - Disowned - Page 2

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  • I really like panels 2 and 3. The details in them are amazing.

    • I like them too. I think I started to read this along time ago and lost it.

      Did you move here from another site? Are you on DA?

      • Hmmm, you will have to ask themice! I have unfortunately not been with this comic from the very beginning. ;-;

      • themice

        I started posting on sites like y-gallery and some comic hosting sites, but stopped and kept everything here. A few (or one?) person on y-gallery kept reporting my journal pages as non-art, and the comic hosting sites didn’t really work for me.

        I have a deviantart (disco-mouse).

        • Ninhursag

          How can this be “non-art”? It’s as artistic as a comic can get, a comic is the perfect combination of visual art and literature.

          • I stopped posting on y-gallery a LONG time ago! It was too much hassle.

    • Ninhursag

      Yep, I know what you’re talking about, those mesmerizing eyes and beautiful, elegant hands <3