Chapter 1 – Disowned: Page 12

Chapter 1 - Disowned - Page 12

End of Chapter theme song – Mama

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  • kiteoni

    Adding a theme song to the end of a comic? Awesome.

    • That is really awesome, isn’t it!

      • themice

        I listen to songs while drawing for inspiration so it seemed logical to include them!

        • love it- push the interactive media experience forward!

  • Anna

    This is so lovely! I’m glad I found this comic. Keep up the good work ;)

    • themice

      Thank you <3

  • void

    Ah this is a splendid use of monochromatic colors with more saturated colors against it *claps* I love it.

    • themice

      Thank you! I didn’t have a tablet and was trying to add color with a mouse. I find I still go back to mouse coloring. :)

  • SVM2015

    The song’s gorgeous and it really fits the mood of the scene. Keep the theme song’s coming!

  • SmokedBoo

    Having Mama at the end is like the song at the end of a particularly dramatic episode of Bones. I don’t think this comic is anything like Bones, but that show often has a song at the end of it.

    • themice

      I’ve never seen Bones. Is it good? I hardly get to watch TV (I’m not a snob, just no time). The only shows I’ve watched in the last few years are Merlin, Spartacus, IT Crowd, Arrested Development, and a few episodes of a lot of minor shows.

      • I haven’t seen Bones, but once I think. It seems really interesting. I just didn’t have the time to get into it, and I worked when it was on. From what I remember it is a show about a woman solving crimes/puzzles from the bones her friend at the FBI sends her.

        And….YAY IT Crowd…..I love that show.

      • SmokedBoo

        It is an awesome show. It’s on Netflix’s Watch Now, if you have that. I believe they have 8 seasons of it. I’m watching it through again because they added new episodes some months ago. I definitely recommend it.

        I also commend you for your excellent taste in television. You should add Sherlock and Doctor Who to that list.

  • C’monsense

    First time reader, I am in my fifties and wish we, LGBTQ, of older generations had had such gorgeous work to help us with our sense of communitty when I was young. You Art is really beautiful, moving, lovely… and the way you tell the story is excellent, to the point, without extraneous material. I am very impressed, your work is awesome. Good luck, keep up the great work!

    • Thank you! I’m older compared to the usual webcomic demographic, so I always like to hear from the older readers.

      Side note, I was at a conference about marketing to millennials. There was talk about how the older trailblazers internally might resent millennials’ “easier” lives — such as the better rights for LGBTQ and woman. The speaker reminded us that this is the trail blazer’s gift and curse — they worked hard to make life better for our younger brothers and sisters– a life they could not enjoy at the same age. I found that interesting. Reminds me not to take anything for granted now and I am part of something that might make it easier for those in the future.

  • S+

    I just found this comic today, and I think I like it!