Chapter 19 – Uncle Felipe: Page 5

Chapter 19 - Uncle Felipe - Page 5

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  • Hmmm I think “screwing my sister” and “almost getting me killed” are two completely different things Jake. Jake, he didn’t kick your teeth in because he has more important things on his mind.

    I love how the necklace chain is in the shape of a heart. The broken link I feel really symbolizes the current state between the two. The love is there, but for various reasons they aren’t able to connect.

    Happy New Year everyone!!

  • Donald Burch

    Right, Jake, because reminding someone that they owe you brings out all the love. I’ve sadly known people like Jake and they never seemed to “get it.” Extortion is ugly and to bring it up when one has been a closest friend for half a life is the height of cruelty. Jake might be focused only on himself right now out of desperation. Alas, he seemed focused on himself all along. He’s only escalating the tragedy between him and Rafa and it can only end badly. I’m eager to read where the story unfolds next. Thank you, Themice for taking time to share with us. I appreciate your time and hard work.

    • themice

      There is a Jake in a lot of people’s lives. I was reading once where a therapist explained that you DO have a lot of good memories with a toxic person. You DO feel love for them. But overall they are still toxic.

      • Donald Burch

        I had this with a particularly vexing friend from my past. I loved her and I had amazing fun around her but she also tried to terrify me with horrid “medical facts” about male-male sex that proved pure bunk. She was there for me when I truly needed a friend and I loved her for it. The truth was I could only handle her in small doses. I truly understand Rafa’s conflict. It feels horrible to back away from good memories and a friend that has been there where no one else was. What Rafa needs to learn is that he isn’t responsible for the break with Jake. Jake made choices with consequences that nearly got Rafa and Elan killed. Jake refuses to take responsibility and continues to make these horrible decisions. At some point one must let a drowning person go before he drags both down.

        • D. Garrett

          while i am aware that this webcomics otp is rafa and elan, as usual i am not against the idea of an ot3. there hasnt been any indication of what jakes activities have been since the falling out between him and rafa. for all we know, he may have begun to clean up his act after hearing what rafa said. i think that he isnt trying to guilt rafa back into a relationship with him, but just remind them that they had something special between them. true it was a near miss on all of their lives, but does that mean he is beyond forgiveness? instead of jake bringing rafa and/or elan down, could their love not elevate him instead? i realize i am being optimistic here and normally i pride myself on being a realist. but i just dont give up on people easily. probably even when i should. jake and elan would have a hell of a lot of ground to cover before they could be lovers. so that is probably impossible. but if by some miracle they could get over their personality clashes i would be amenable to such a relationship. even jake needs love. *bracing self for hatred to come…

          • Hmmm, for an ot3 (Elan/Rafa/Jake) to work out, Elan would have to at least like Jake just a teeny bit. I don’t really see Elan being able to develop romantic feelings for Jake at all. I also don’t think that Jake can fully repair the damage he has done with his relationship with Rafa, he might be able to mend it a bit, but I don’t think that there will ever be anything romantic between them ever again.

          • D. Garrett

            i dont know. only because we arent really privy to the intensity, details, or history of the relationship between rafa and jake. it seems like they have been through a great deal together and i think it could be possible for the romance to be rekindled. i think it would take a great deal of effort on jakes part to mend the relationship to friendship then back to lovers. and i figure if rafa was with jake for so long there must be something more (redeemable) to him than what appears at the surface. if i am correct in that assumption, perhaps over time elan could see it too. and if he does it may be possible for him to develop affection for jake as well. i admit it would take time for an ot3 to exist, but i dont see it as impossible.

          • I think it would hurt Elan that Rafa would want a third. He is such a traditional romantic.

  • Aurelie86

    What?! Why did he think reminding him that you “could screw my sister” would in anyway make things better lol. I think I want to apply this sentence one day in real life. “I know I owe you like $100 but you remember that one time I said I could screw your sister…” Classy.

  • I AM R U

    You tell ‘im, Rafa!!!