Chapter 19 – Uncle Felipe: Page 2

Chapter 19 - Uncle Felipe - Page 2

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  • Psssst! themice… says “maye our gym” and I think it is supposed to be “maybe our gym”.

    So just sitting in the window is sulking Mr Spy?

    Elan looks just a little scary in that last panel. He is not a happy person. With reason. You sure have a way of showing gratitude Mr Spy. Though I guess loyalty doesn’t survive that person’s death. I really wish I could be a little nicer to Mr Spy, but he really hasn’t done much to make Elan’s life any easier that I can see. Though to be a bit kind to Mr Spy, he did suggest the park first rather than the gym (which I gather is in the house). A small thing though.

    I really love the relationship between Elan and Gabriel Garcia Marquez. ^_^ I do like that contrast of Scary Elan with a cute little bird on his finger.

    It will be interesting to see where Elan would like to exercise. ^_^

  • SVM2015

    I don’t think Mr. X’s info will be very helpful. Loyalties do die hard. I’m curious about where Elan wants to go though. (Batman smirk) Judging by his actions in the last few panels, oh boy – this is going to be rich. ^_^

  • Loneliestoflulabies

    I wonder who this uncle Felipe is and what he is going to do to help

    • Loneliestoflulabies

      you know what I just re read some of the beginning and I have answered my own question, at least part of it. Felipe is his mom’s brother and who he was named after. Now just to figure out what he is going to do.

  • Luis Diego Carias Valverde

    Elan would like to exercise but at Rafa´s place,aww ♥