Chapter 19 – Uncle Felipe: Page 15

Chapter 19 - Uncle Felipe - Page 15

Say Something – A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera

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  • Oh wow….*hugs for Rafa* I think I am going to cry!

    Don’t give up on him Rafa!!! Don’t give up on your love!!!

    That is such a beautiful and heartbreaking journal entry….

    I am going to go cry now..

  • Aurelie86

    No I’mma cry. I hate being sad. This song fits it perfectly. Don’t give up Rafa!! Chase after what you love!! *tries really hard not to cry* *cries anyway*

  • Kat

    So sad. I was just rereading and got to the part where they finally got together. Then I looked at this page. This is a beautiful comic and I’m going to believe there’s going to be a happily ever after. Rafa on this page, though, makes my heart break.

  • Donald Burch

    I’ve felt the ache in the heart Rafa is feeling now. It’s like how I imagine if something tore my soul away and I yet lived. An all-consuming emptiness. A kind of numbness that hurts at the same time. The absolute certain knowledge that this hurt isn’t going to get better. It’s only going to scar over and dull with time. An inexplicable and undeniable need to weep until my throat felt hoarse and my eyes hurt from so many tears. Only in hindsight did I learn that in letting go, my love became free.

  • Lleyn

    Oh Rafa… Don’t ever think that Elan does not need you! Even the strongest person in the world needs the support of loved ones.

  • JJxxxx

    **Sniff** There had SO better be a happy ending where they get back together, kick Elan’s father’s ass, then go off and live happily ever after together on their own island.

    Elan reminds me sosososososoSO much of one of my oldest and best friends that it’s almost uncanny.

  • Cris

    I think you should know, you’re breaking my heart.

  • bronakopdin

    OMG, here I am crying, too Y_Y
    poor Rafa, why didn’t you call out to him >3<

  • steelie

    just google translated the Spanish – Rafa is feeling so bad about himself. Aaugh, this is just heartbreaking. And the cover of “Say Something” is just making it worse. I’m gonna crawl off and cry now…

  • Krondor2000

    Oh man…love truly hurts!

  • Sly

    Oh poor baby!

  • KrisYWC

    Why are you breaking my heart?

  • I AM R U

    …I really want a happy ending, and this just really sad…

  • lks

    At first I only read the words; the picture didn’t register with me, but then I saw it and oh my goodness :((((((
    and now this makes me think…rafa shows his pain on the outside and he’s seriously in so much pain… but elan keeps it inside. elan is feeling just as much pain but manages to keep it inside. Maybe if you don’t know elan it wouldn’t seem like he is hurting at all. That’s almost more sad :<

    • themice

      Yes, that is EXACTLY how they each express emotion. Rafa shows it, Elan hides it. It is their personality as much as it is how they were raised.

  • Sassafrassery

    The only word I have to describe my reaction to this page: SOBBING.

  • kahltira

    You get to the emotional heart of love, the parts that hurt, and the parts that bring such joy you think you might die of it. Every part of me wishes I could tell Rafa it’s going to be okay. They have switched places, Elan has gotten strong, and Rafa has become fragile. But, love does that, it strips you down to the bare truth of things. It takes you apart, and remakes you as someone new with all the old pieces. Elan, has always been strong, he’s just beginning to figure it out for himself. Rafa has always been fragile, and afraid to love, and now he’s becoming a better man, learning himself, for all he’s in so much pain. This story is wonderful, and perfectly human.

  • Loneliestoflulabies

    Omg I just died a little, as soon as I reD the first line I knew he let em go. Like the old adage if you love someone you let them go and if they come back BAM it’s meant to be or something like that. Lol

  • Red

    I knew I should have stopped reading chapters ago. Where are the tissues again?

  • D. Garrett

    omg. that journal entry is just incredible. unbelievably poetic.

  • Ninhursag

    Aww, don cry Rafa…