Chapter 19 – Uncle Felipe: Page 14

Chapter 19 - Uncle Felipe - Page 14

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  • Luis Diego Carias Valverde

    OMG they wil meet again? :D

  • WiseDragonGirl

    omg, don’t stop now, I don’t want to wait another week to see what will happen XD They’re so close now!

  • No_One_Special

    He needs to run over there grab him out of the car and hug him with all his might just don’t snap him in half.

  • steelie

    Rafa looks like he’s tearing up – breaking my heart here.

  • Simba

    Am I the only one totally in love with Rafa’s hair like that? :3

  • Lleyn

    Oh Rafa, poor thing… I think you need to follow that car ;)

  • bronakopdin

    so did Rafa see Elan before he boarded the car? T^T

    • themice

      Yes. :)

  • Loneliestoflulabies

    Elan looks so professional it’s kinda hot