Chapter 19 – Uncle Felipe: Page 10

Chapter 19 - Uncle Felipe - Page 10

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  • DARN IT!!!!!!! He just had to be working on something when Elan called! Hopefully Elan will get another chance to call soon.

    Elan has one hot Uncle….he definitely aged well. And he works with his hands? ^_^ I like the white top and the dark bottom on the hair. ^_^ Sexy Uncle.

    • themice

      That’s Rafa! he called him first ^^

      • Seriously!?!?!?! Cause that would just be soooo freaking awesome. Heh, that was also a half thought I had…Uncle and Rafa working together…..the possibilities….*goes off into dreamland about them teaming up to rescue Elan*

        • themice

          You’ll see Felipe soon! He shaved, sort of.

          • Guest

            OMG I just imagined Rafa and Elan being cousings without knowing it OMG THAT WOULD BE TERRIBLE AND AWESOME AT THE SAME TIMEEEEEEEEE
            Sorry, sorry, I have a perverse mind :B

          • Roxabel Victoria Pérez Egaña

            Sorry, Sorry, I have a really perverse mind… :P

          • Melancholy

            It’s not that perverse, considering if you follow the last 4 pages in a row. It’s almost one of those “oh, I bet they’re related” moments. I hope it to not be true, but that was the vibe I got.

          • Sorry, I think my comment inspired weirdness, it is all my fault….next time I will not post when loopy.

          • themice

            Haha no, it was fun to read!

        • Lleyn

          That would be nice, but I think it’s already been stated that Rafa works for (or with) -his- uncle, not Elan’s uncle.

          • Heh…..but just think….Rafa and Uncle working together to free Elan from his evil dad….That Elan called Rafa first just kinda started my head going to dream land….I probably spent a little too much time staring at that panel of Elan and Uncle…….so sexy Uncle and sexy Rafa to the rescue before father’s evil plot succeeds…..

            Don’t mind me…..rampant fantasizing….I don’t do it often enough so when I do I get a little wonky. Sexy Uncle and sexy Rafa showing up to save Elan and working together……*goes off to dreamland again*

          • I also think I might be getting sick…hopefully just a cold and not a sinus infection….

          • Lleyn

            Hehehehe, everyone’s entitled to dream! And hey, good luck with your cold! Though if you do get sick, perhaps your medicines can help you with the dreaming… ;)

        • bronakopdin

          even if they are cousins… I think it’s not too bad, I mean they aren’t siblings and as far as I know you can get maried being cousins since the degree of relation is not that close anymore :)
          seriously I would cry if THAT would be the only reason everything WON’T work out :(((

          • Heh, actually the thought of them being cousins never even entered my head. They are roughly the same age, Rafa might be a year or two older, so if they were cousins, the odds are they would have played with each other at some point and we possibly would have seen a flash back of that either in the comic or in the extras that themice has done.

            I was only thinking that it would be awesome to see the two team up to save Elan from the evil dad. ^_^

          • themice

            That would make good fanfic.

          • The cousins thing? Or Uncle and Rafa teaming up to save Elan from the Evil Dad? I keep wanting to say evil step-father, but he ISN’T a step-father.

          • bronakopdin

            haha, yeah I was more or less reacting to the other comments to your post, too :D anyway Elan needs to rescued I don’t even care how or who as long as he can get back to Rafa >_<

  • Simba

    Aaargh! The suspense! The dorky Rafa… Holy cliffhangers, Batman!

  • Loneliestoflulabies

    Just a little confused, did Rafa miss the call and Elan didn’t want to leave a message so he hung up? Or did Rafa just not answer it even though he could have because he didn’t think he knew the person?

    • themice

      Rafa couldn’t get to the phone in time.

      Elan quickly hung up after listening to the welcome message because he’s a big chicken. ;)

      • Loneliestoflulabies

        Thank you

  • Lleyn

    Hmmm, Rafa, now who do you know who is quirky enough to go to a library in this neighborhood? Maybe Scott? Nah, gotta be Jake *snrk*

  • bronakopdin

    too many thoughts and emotions for this page!!!!

  • Roxabel Victoria Pérez Egaña

    mentira mentira mentira mentira mentira mentira mentira mentira mentira mentira mentira mentira D: omggg can’t believe he’s maybe not gonna pick it up omg omg omg omg xD
    (Sorry just a little shock)

  • SVM2015

    Dang you voicemail! At least there’s caller-ID.
    Now even I can’t get the cousin plot out of my system and my imagination’s already wild as is!