Chapter 18 – Jake’s Payback: Page 8

Chapter 18 - Jake's Payback - Page 8

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  • Moa

    Hey seems like I’m the first one to comment this page. Poor Elan doesn’t know what to do. He wants to be loved by his father but he can’t trust him. And it seems like Gerard is thinking it over. Of course he wouldn’t betray his employer of so many years on a whim, he’ll have to think about it thoroughly before making a decision. But he’ll come around. I meen Elan is just so much more trustworthy than his father is.
    What I really like about this comic is the depth of every character how small it may seem.
    You’re making something really special here.

  • Lleyn

    Oh Elan, poor, poor Elan.

    I’m almost afraid that the butler is too scared to be on Elan’s side, whether he would like to be or not. Mr. Singer probably has other means to “buy” his compliance, aside from the threat of sacking him. And it just hit me: There really isn’t all that much difference between the Governor and Mr. Singer, is there? Despite the different worlds they occupy, they are both willing to exploit people for their own benefits. Both can be dealt with, but should be dealt with carefully.

  • Hugs and comfort for Elan. He needs some happy time.

  • Jennifer Lavoie

    Jesus. I just read this entire thing tonight after finding a link on another webcomic. No lie, I cried at LEAST five times reading this. It’s absolutely breathtaking: the art, the writing, the emotions. Everything. I know somewhere on this page you said you probably wouldn’t have it published or do a kickstarter, but I seriously hope you do publish this. I would love to have a physical copy I could buy and enjoy on my shelves. I also cannot wait for the next update and have added this link to my favorites and subscribed to updates. PLEASE KEEP DOING THIS!!! And I pray for a happy ending D:

    • themice

      I’m committed to finishing it and keeping up with my schedule barring any bad things! After that I’m not sure, either print it as is as a free pdf or go back and redraw some of the first part and do something else. I would miss the music part though.


      • Sassafrassery

        Well, as for music, if it were to be printed you could have little side notes with the name of the song and the artist on each page that has music. I personally would love to have this in my collection, it truly is a beautiful display of raw emotion in its purest form that will be treasured for much time to come. :)

        • themice

          That is a good idea. I’m leaning toward in the end have a free ebook and/or a printing that just covers the cost or something.

          • Sassafrassery

            By the way, as for music recommendations, have you ever heard of Jem? She has some really great music. As do Heather Dale and Kate Covington, and the Clockwork Dolls have some seriously beautiful and epic music. You should really check them all out, their vocals are a thing to be marveled at. (Not even for the comic, just because I feel you’d enjoy them! If any of their songs tie into the comic feel free to use them, all these people make great music) Oh, and if things in the comic ever get a little steamy -coughifyouknowwhatimeancough- I would suggest anything and everything by Simon Curtis (I’m so sorry, I’m a shameless perv ;3)

          • themice

            I’ve heard of Jem but not the others, thanks for the recs!

            A reader suggested I get reader input for favorite songs. I’m trying to figure out how to do that.

          • Sassafrassery

            Well, from what I’ve seen, when most other webcomic creators need any input from their fandom they tend to post a random page asking for opinions or recommendations and the readers answer in the comment section. You could always do that, choose what songs fit into the comic and then just delete the page when you feel you don’t have use for more songs/artists. At least, that’s what I’ve usually seen done. Some other times they’ll ask for opinions through some kind of social media and just post it as news on the website. In any case, it’s really all up to you. :)

          • themice

            Thanks! I’ll have to find some webcomics that did this! Otherwise I’ll just do it my own way like everything else lol.

          • Here is a link to what Hamlet did for Starfighter:

          • D. Garrett

            i like flesh by simon curtis. ty for the rec.

  • Sassafrassery

    So I finally caught up on this (I know, I’m so late! D:) and OH. MAH. LAWDY. Such FEELS. ;_; I’m so scared for Elan and for Rafa too, because I feel like Daddy dearest is going to threaten to do something to him if Elan doesn’t hand over the inheritance. D:> I’m just so worried for them and I just want Rafa to hold Elan and tell us that it’s all going to be okay. ;~;