Chapter 18 – Jake’s Payback: Page 6

Chapter 18 - Jake's Payback - Page 6

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  • gen

    Elam is gorgeous in these panels

    • themice

      Thank you!
      I sort of wanted Elan to have those pretty looks you either loved or hated, and the personality that either drew you in or left you saying “huh?”

      • Dokidokibaka

        themice love, Elan’s personality is a bit of both. Definitely drawn in and sometimes saying “huh?”

        And I agree with gen, Elan is gorgeous in these panels.

      • Railenthe Zeal

        Nailed it.

  • Frostina

    wow!! just wow!! you did *so* bring out the pretty pretty eyes!! :D

  • Trivea

    Nnnnnngh. Hitting this page, after finding this and reading it all in one sitting, is like slamming face-first into a brick wall. I can’t believe I have to wait until next Wednesday! But I will, because I love it that much!

    • themice

      <3 Glad you like it. Definitely things coming next Wednesday (but scared I'm down to a 2 week buffer).

  • Gunter

    I just picked up your comic, and read through all of it in one sitting, and I have to say you are an amazing writer, and artist. Your characters have such life, and I was drawn in so quickly to their situations. Every little note was heart-wrenching, to the point I almost didn’t want to read them. I know you’ve gotten plenty of comments like this, but I felt the absolute need to explain just how much this got to me. I can’t wait to see the next page, and to be apart of the many who follow you loyally.

    Thank you for such an amazing work! I can’t wait to see how it continues!

    • themice

      Thank you for your comment, I never ever ever will get too many like it! ^^

      In my (crazy) mind, the characters do exist somewhere and have complicated stories and personalities. They have to go through great pain though … :(

      • Gunter

        The greatest romances come with the greatest challenges. I am sure there is a couple somewhere that have experienced such a life, and I’m sure there love was incomparable! <3

        • themice

          In the case of Rafa and Elan they learn how big an impact they made on each other within a short period of time and what a huge hole remains without the other. It is an important lesson learned, particularly for Rafa.

  • Moa

    Hello. I just found this today and read the wghole thing in one go. I just love this. And I really enjoy the natural way that you use both English and Spanish. Your characters are really great and you can tell that they’re well thought out. And of course I love the Rafa/Elan relationship, can’t wait to see some more interaction between the two of them. I’ll definitely follow this from now on.

    Lots of love

    • themice

      Thank you Moa.

      I grew up listening to Spanish but English is my first language. I find myself misspelling in both languages now. :P

      • Moa

        Heh. That´s ok. My first language is acually Swedish but I speak both English and Spanish fluently, my husband is from Chile so we speak mostly Spanish at home. I’m actually a bit of an orthography freak so if you ever need a beta-reader I’d be happy to do it. ;D

  • gentlechaos


  • Interpolation

    Haven’t been to the comic in a few pages. I am liking the development.
    Elan is such a sweetheart. Will Rafa find out about his good deed?

    • themice

      Perhaps, eventually.

  • Skye_5487

    I just found this today and your art is breath taking and gorgeous. Your panels are mostly white but they are so full of life and content. I love the style of your comic, of how you mingle memories with the diary entries and the characters are SO NOT ONE DIMENSION!

    Elan is so gorgeous, his personality and everything about him. Page 4 on the last panel, he was breath taking. The strength in his eyes… oh man, I could get lost in the eyes of a man like that. He has so much inner strength and beauty of soul. I am hoping so hard that he kicks his father in the metaphorical balls and shines for his true self, leaving him in the dust of his own mistakes and greed.

    Thank you so much for making this, I am also loving the music. It is so neat how you mix Spanish into the story. I’m Mexican so I understand everything, I wonder if all the other readers understand what you say in there hahaha. (I haven’t noticed any misspellings except perhaps… one time when Jake was talking to Elan while he was asking him money) I love your story! You are such a great artist and storyteller <3

    • themice

      Thank you! Elan does a lot of growing but he remains sweet inside always.

      I am a typical first generation American. I understand Spanish fluently but absolutely suck and cannot write. Please email any advice or corrections – My English pronunciation sucks too because I learned mostly from reading (not listening having gone to bad schools and had ESL parents) but no one can figure that out here!

      I’m hoping my next comic (well down the road) will be even more different, less white panels and stuff. We’ll see.

      Thanks for commenting!

  • wallflower

    My gosh. I ♥ you and everything about you. You’re an amazing artist and I just want to hug you until you pop! :] Lol not really…. Maybee. I’ve recommend this comic to numerous amounts of my friends. I stumbled upon this on Sunday, while doing my daily rounds of my other fav comics and I’ve been hooked ever since. I can’t wait until Tomorrow >.<

    • themice

      I am glad you found this comic! It has been a challenge to find a place with the audience that may like something a wee bit different.

      I hope to do an early update. Most Wednesdays I’m rushing, but today there were so many site issues I just worked on it.

  • Ninhursag

    I love so much the way he holds the canary so gently, he is a gentle soul indeed.