Chapter 18 – Jake’s Payback: Page 17

Chapter 18 - Jake's Payback - Page 17

Good Man – Devour the Day

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  • Did Jake break the window on Rafa’s car? Not cool man. Of course it might be bad of me to just assume it was Jake. They do live in a bad part of town.

    That pose of Rafa’s seems a little resigned? I mean it doesn’t seem like he is all that surprised.

    • themice

      No, Jake is still licking his wounds in The Corner Hole!

      Resigned, yes.

      • Okay. I am happy that it wasn’t Jake, but sad for the vandalizing of Rafa’s baby.

  • birdsofshore

    Oh, Rafa! The tiny hammer and saw in his hand really expresses the fragility of all his hopes at the moment. I love the fact that Elan’s gift means so much to him.

    What terrible timing, that someone smashed his window just at this moment.

    • themice

      It is his little symbol that he had that love once.

      • NatureFantasy

        But a hammer and saw are tools that can be used to repair things just as much as too destroy them, so it is also a symbol that like the car, their relationship can be repaired, right? I also see the tools as a symbol of hope.

        • themice

          I think that is how Elan always saw it. One of the things that attracts him to Rafa is that Rafa is a builder and a repairer. He MAKES things, versus what Elan does (just does a lot thinking). He found those as a symbol of what he thinks is great about Rafa.

          Rafa might all see it differently.

  • Sassafrassery

    I love this page so much! <3 Poor Rafa though… ;(

    • themice

      I know, he is just so down right now.

      • Sassafrassery

        Oh, I hate seeing him like this, especially when you go back and re-read the pages and see how happy he was! It’s seriously heartbreaking! :(

  • I AM R U

    Ok! So I was up to here last time…

    Poor Rafa… Feel so sorry for him… Interestingly enough, rereading the past few pages, I’ve realised that its Rafa I feel for/relate to more than Elan. I care about Elan, but mostly because he means so much to Rafa… Perhaps because Rafa reminds me quiet a bit of my own partner (and I must admit, I share some traits with Elan) and my need to protect my partner makes me worried about Rafa… Irrelevant to the story, but what I’ve been thinking…

    ANYWAY!!! GAH! Who broke Rafa’s window???

    • themice

      Yes, most of the time I relate more to Rafa…so often I worry if he is a likeable character!!

      • Jonni

        Rafa is not likable, he’s adorable.