Chapter 18 – Jake’s Payback: Page 16

Chapter 18 - Jake's Payback - Page 16

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  • Lola

    Rafa, it seens like you have finally found your balls. Way to go man :)

  • You tell him Rafa! Now is Jake capable of remembering?

  • Simba Hutchison

    oh my, Rafa’s hair and beard are so sexy on this page! As effed up as Jake has acted, that first panel really yanks on my heart strings… Very well drawn and colored. I haven’t liked him at all yet, but that face makes me feel sorry for him. Is… that some of his hair in Rafa’s fist? Yikes.

    Edit- Oops, its his necklace. Silly me.

    • I believe that is the broken necklace. ^_^ Though it looks like Rafa might be wanting to punch him again.

  • You know, it almost sounds like Jake is saying Rafa isn’t good enough for Elan, or that Elan is too good for Rafa. The old…”you guys are too different. I am the only one that can really understand you” bull crap. For some odd reason it brings to mind that scene from Aladdin where Jafar is being a total di*k. “You were born a filthy street rat, raised a filthy street rat and will die a filthy street rat.”

    • themice

      He is grasping at any way to persuade Rafa!

  • Happy Pancakes

    Good thing Rafa’s being held back…

    • themice

      Yes, he could have gotten carried away. In the end he blames himself more than Jake though, he would have felt bad if he really hurt Jake (though he wanted to very badly)

  • Adrianna Martinez

    I don’t know. I’m honestly hung up on how Rafa says “I’m tired of waiting for you to grow up.”
    Was he waiting the entire time for Jake to get his shit together so that they could be a couple? And then Alan comes along and changes that?
    I vaguely remember Jake talking about how he’s the only one for Rafa so *sigh* Why is it so tragic?

    • Elan. ^_^ Jake is the only one who has called Elan Alan. Jake doesn’t deserve Rafa and over time has probably caused Rafa more problems than helped Rafa solve. I honestly don’t feel any pity for Jake at all. If he wasn’t such an a**, then maybe I could feel a little sorry for him. I mean, so far we haven’t really seen a single redeeming trait about him.

      I think it is entirely possible that until Rafa met Elan, he would have been willing to settle for Jake. After meeting Elan, he realizes that he can do much better than Jake. I think Jake is just being clingy and not wanting anything to change. Though maybe losing Rafa will make him change more than his brush with death supposedly did.

      • Roxabel Victoria Pérez Egaña

        I wouldn’t be so hard with Jake, at least not so strongly, because I think their social context also didn’t offer any better option, I mean, no that there wasn’t any at all, but at least Jake couldn’t see himself following a better path. Of course a young lost soul like his would try an easy way out of his problems, but when you grow older you have to deal with the consequences of what you’ve done, and the decisions you’ve made. I think he actually deserves Rafa’s anger, because he’s been irresponsible about his actions and feelings. Rafa’s not an angel though, but he has been able to identify what he wants for his life, how he wants to be, and of course he has demonstrated to be completely capable of learn and be a better person after he goes through difficult and painful experiences. That is what Jake is still missing, the ability to learn from bad experiences, instead of just blaming others, and reducing his identity to something merely racial. I don’t hate him, I just think he is still inmature to discover his own abilities and his true value as a person. Maybe he just doesn’t love himself enough yet.

        • I wouldn’t say that I hate Jake either. I just strongly dislike him and more often than not any time he opens his mouth I am filled with the urge to slap him. I was kind of hoping his brush with death would have had a little bit of a bigger impact on him. However, I think that losing Rafa is what will maybe push him into becoming a better person. H e really needs to clean up that mouth of his.

    • themice

      In Rafa’s eyes he thought Jake would be always the one he would go back to after playing around. Not fair to Jake, but he accepted that role willingly.

      Rafa never quite understood why he could never commit to Jake until he met Elan and realized what he really wanted, and it never really was a person like Jake. He wanted someone he could respect as well as want.

      • Roxabel Victoria Pérez Egaña

        I don’t know if I am right or not, but I have a strong feeling that Jake doesn’t love himself enough yet to be a better person.

        • themice

          We don’t know much about Jake’s family life, but we can assume it wasn’t pleasant and encouraging.

  • Lleyn

    Hmmm… for some reason, the new update from yesterday doesn’t show for me on the home page… I checked yesterday and thought you’d been delayed, Mice, but today, I decided to have a look at the last pages regardless that there seemed to be no update and yay! New pages! *Joy*

    Regarding Jake: I don’t really like him, since he is the antagonist to Elan, but I can somewhat understand where he’s coming from. I think he really loves Rafa, and seeing Rafa fall so entirely for Elan must’ve broken his heart and made him desperate and jealous. Especially since he sees Elan as an outsider who came in-between the relationship Jake had with Rafa, and made things worse for Jake (as he sees it, I doubt he’s feeling grateful towards Elan for taking care of his debts).

    What Jake cannot see, is that it wasn’t Elan who broke his (Jake’s) bond with Rafa, but ultimately his own failure to rise above the riff-raff of the streets, “grow up” as Rafa put it and stay away from shady deals that screw things up not only for him, but for everyone around him (like, e.g., almost getting them and himself killed). Elan is just such a convenient scape-goat, being the white, rich flaco who does not belong, that Jake will probably never reflect on his own conduct in all this.

    • themice

      For many people it is easier to blame someone else than to take responsibility for your own shortcomings.

  • I AM R U

    Kick him in the balls, Rafa! *ahem* Anyway… Good to see Rafa working out what he really wants (especially because it isn’t Jake…)

    Quick mention: updates aren’t on the homepage?

    • themice

      I got behind and couldn’t do a post that day! There will be one later tomorrow tonight PST.

  • birdsofshore

    I like the way this argument (and maybe the chain breaking?) has really consolidated Rafa’s feelings about Jake. It’s really satisfying to see him stand up to Jake this way. The detail of the broken necklace in his fist makes a powerful image!

  • Donald Burch

    Having grown up surrounded by personalities like Jake and having grown out of it personally (years of counseling thank the gods) I offer my perspective. As Themice indicated, it’s easier to blame than to accept responsibility for one’s actions. Jake’s personality all along has been “take the easy road” and “get rich quick.” Abject poverty can lead to desperation and we each deal with that kind of pressure differently. Rafa has chosen to learn, to grow and embrace new opportunities. Jake, by his words has learned nothing. He is still playing “the game.” Even now he is playing Rafa’s feelings. We want what we want and some of us never learn to let go once we have hold. We’re afraid there won’t be anything left to grab.

  • D. Garrett

    im a little sad here for jake. i think rafa is being a little harsh with him. jake couldnt foresee just how dangerous the last deal he made would be. i really dont think he anticipated it being serious enough to warrant a hit on him. i believe he loves rafa enough where he wouldnt have knowingly put him or even elan in that level of danger. it pulls at my heart some because sometimes in life u just f*ck up. and this qualifies as a major f*ck up for jake. i wish they could calm down and talk. but rafa has shut him off completely. i am not convinced that jakes last period of hiding wasnt enough to cause him to change his ways. i think there is a possibility that he may have already learned from the recent events he has been through. i agree that he needs to mature and find alternatives for himself. but u cant fake or rush something like that. and sadly the ability to do so is not a possession of all people. i hate to see anybody truly alone and abandoned. so throw stones if u like because if i were there in the scene i would take jakes hand and lead him outside. then walk and talk with him to let him know that he even with his faults isnt alone.