Chapter 18 – Jake’s Payback: Page 15

Chapter 18 - Jake's Payback - Page 15

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  • Broke Broke? Oh noes!! Just the chain right? That can be fixed!

    And for a “changed” Jake….I am already wanting to hit him.

  • gentlechaos

    He’s such a dick! Go for the eyes Rafa! The eyes!

  • Interpolation

    Well, I’m in favor of burning the bridge now. Jake’s being such a jerk.

  • birdsofshore

    Oh, Rafa’s face makes my heart ache. The chain breaking is so symbolic, and of course he takes it very hard. I really love this drawing.

  • Donald Burch

    Jake, honey, you need to back away slowly and shut up, now. This public service announcement brought to you by Common Sense Broadcasting. “Because common sense, isn’t.”

  • I AM U R

    Back from holiday – catching up!

    …get rid of Jake…

  • D. Garrett

    ok. im playin devils advocate. jake new all the time rafa had and would always have other sexual partners. but it was something that appeared to be understood between them and in the neighborhood that jake was rafas and rafa was jakes. so jake is feeling jilted by his main. and his statement reveals that he thinks it is in part racial. rafa is heartbroken because of the necklace being broken because the necklace is one of the few treasures he has that came from his true love. the whole scene is painful on both sides. in this particular scene, i dont want rafa to hurt jake. i want them to communicate and somehow maintain a friendship since they appear to truly be over as lovers. jake needs to understand it wasnt just an interracial fetish he is clinging to. but that he loved elan more than any man in his life. rafa needs to make it clear to jake that things wont be as they were because of what transpired and needs to let jake go so they both can move on.

    unless of course rafa takes jake back because of their history, which would surprise me the mice.

  • IronDog