Chapter 18 – Jake’s Payback: Page 1

Chapter 18
Chapter 18
Chapter 18

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  • Luis Diego Carias Valverde

    Wow Elan eyes ♥ Love how he went for it even though its rather dangerous for him to search for Rafa, soo cute ♥

  • M2MM

    Looks like Elan’s memory of recent events (in the ‘hood’) are colouring his vision at this revisit. I don’t see how or why everyone in the scene would be “packing.”

    • themice

      It is all in his mind. He doesn’t go through such a violent traumatic event completely unscathed.

  • themice

    A bit of flashbacks and fear from going back to place where he almost died.

  • Frostina

    Whoa! I was like…. “Whaaaa..???”

    • themice

      Yea, it was suppose to look a little read at first. But the homeless suddenly packing heat should have been a giveaway that this was all in his mind!

      • D. Garrett

        thats really incredible. i like it!

      • Ninhursag

        Nice use of gif, it surprised me.

  • Sapfo

    Wow! Was not ready for that!
    Really good!

    • themice

      He wasn’t ready for that either.

      How to do this in a print version I have to think about!

      • SVM2015

        Hologram panel? Just a little tilt and whoa!

      • Donald Burch

        Very simple. Single page with Elan’s face in the center. Show the normal scene above his head in blue tone and the gun image below his head in red/sepia tone. If you want to go even deeper with it show only Elan’s eyes with images suggested above. I hope this helps!

        • themice


  • Aaron F.

    PTSD in action. Poor Elan.

  • LadyRyann

    Omg Im so delayed. I didn’t even notice this picture changed. When I scrolled down they all had guns. When I came back today they didn’t and when I sat there it changed lol. Scared me XD

  • Denita Brown

    OMG!!! I just read through this again and saw how the pedestrians started to point guns as you scrolled. That is a neat trick very neat indeed

    • themice

      Danke! One I can’t do in print!

      I was going to speed it up, but I didn’t want it TOO obvious.

      • SVM2015

        Wow. Did not see that GIF coming. Well-placed! Also love the block-like appearance of the guns – it really shows Elan’s childlike imagination playing against him. I hope he gets through this soon! (clutching pillow)

        • themice

          He doesn’t know what type of gun that got him (and, really, I don’t have a clear idea too – despite being American I have little knowledge of gun) and he doesn’t remember a lot, but the brain remembers and it will be a part of him for a long time.

          • SVM2015

            Considering the speed of the moment, it wouldn’t be surprising if Elan doesn’t remember completely.
            I don’t consider myself a gun aficionado either and my knowledge is only coming from media and pop culture experience (I’m from the US too and I’m a martial artist). My guess is that it would be a magnum. It’s a handgun known to be powerful even at a distance – ideal for a drive-by.

  • Donald Burch

    I have to say this is the second absolutely beautiful sketch of Elan I’ve seen. I would enjoy one like it for Rafa, as he hasn’t been detailed like this that I’ve seen in the story. Regardless, this is compelling, beautiful work and a spectacular way to show PTSD triggers. I know, I have it.