Chapter 17 – The Decision: Page 9

Chapter 17 - The Decision - Page 9

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  • Lleyn

    Elan sure has a way with animals…

    • themice

      Certain animals, yes. Not his dad’s old guard dogs & not one animal particular in the future…(but that is a spoiler so I won’t go on).

    • Maria C. Cezar Garcia

      Calm, quiet people usually do better with animals. It’s natural, because with most animals, it’s all in your posture/body language, on your eyes and tone o voice, breath etc

      • Mickani

        I have noticed that on my grandpa’s farm, I was usually the one with the bull calves when we had to give them pills. Or with the goats I fed the babies cause cute and fluffy.

        • themice

          These stories make the farm sounds so nice. But I know it is very hard work.

          • Mickani

            Yeah it is lots of hardwork, it was fun though watching the animals respond to you in positive light.

  • birdsofshore

    Gosh, that’s heartbreaking, little Elan being left alone to deal with his nightmares when he was so young. Neglecting sensitive people doesn’t make them tough – it damages them :(

    • themice

      Never been a fan of crying-it-out for babies! He just grew up thinking it was wrong to feel a lot.

    • Dokidokibaka

      Yep, and also treating them half-heartedly is just as bad.

  • Alice

    Can I just state that I really dislike Elan’s father? He’s always so harsh and the flashbacks make me cry. And I just know there’s a big hidden agenda, it makes me sad…