Chapter 17 – The Decision: Page 3

Chapter 17 - The Decision - Page 3

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  • Lleyn

    Awwww, even Carlos gets nostalgic…

    Uhmmm, a continuity thing that I noticed, and I really don’t want to nag (and please take it as a compliment that I’m loving your art so much I notice these details), but Rafa’s sleeves were rolled up in the previous page (and the one before that), now they are rolled down.

    Not enough of a thing to warrant changing, let me assure you, and I’m perfectly fine pretending that he unrolled them in the space between the last page and this one ;)

    Oh, and as another round-about compliment, I don’t comment as excessively as I do here on any other comic I read. Your art and story-writing are fascinating.

    • themice

      That one I missed, though I could fudge that one like you said and say he pulled them down later in a panel we didn’t see. The one that bothers me most is Murakami, his looks changed too much from the beginning and now. That one I have to correct one day. :{

  • Rob

    I love Rafa with a beard. Did I say this before? He just looks awesome and way more mature.