Chapter 17 – The Decision: Page 1

Chapter 17 - The Decision - Page 1

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  • birdsofshore

    Oh, I worked out a way to get to this page eventually. So glad I did. Rafa’s poetic journal entries break my heart. But the delicious, suggestive art, and Elan’s blissful expression made me smile again.

    • themice

      *o/* He does start writing and reading more.

  • LordMouri

    You are making me cry with this entire story. I’m glad I caught up with everything that’s going on and all the undertones just make me want to curl up in a ball. I love the way you incorporate the journal entries into the story; it really emphasizes what’s happening to the two of them.

    • themice

      I’m glad you caught up! The journaling idea came from wanting to weave my writing with drawing, but now I’m using it as a plot device. :)

  • Alex

    Oh dear – I’m writing as another Alex… confusingly.

    I only found you yesterday and I have savoured every page, pausing to listen to the music along the way. And I can now start all over again and enjoy it even more, while waiting until Wednesday!

    Thank you – I’m looking forward to seeing what happens.

    • themice

      I’ve had nothing but good from Alex readers so welcome! :) Thank you! Hope you continue to enjoy it.

  • I relate so hard omfg this is making me so mushy inside