Chapter 16 – Gabriel García Márquez: 8

Chapter 16 – Gabriel García Márquez - Page 8

¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪Sergei Prokofiev: Op. 75 VI. The Montagues and the Capulets♫♪¸¸.•*¨*•

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  • JJxxxx

    Augh! They need to get back together!!!!

  • Domen

    :I still apart and it’s sad. At least they’re cheering up and going on with their lives…sorta.

  • Oriana

    Please could you get them back together? Their hearts aren’t the only ones breaking! Still, this is a really beautiful webcomic, thank you so much for creating it. :)

  • Roksana Gabriela Szuszkiewicz

    Poor guy
    Rafa !! come and rescue him!

  • Harry Saxon

    OhGod! My favourite music. <3

  • Alfredo

    ooh i love this, they need to feel the pain of being away from love to fully understand that they can not live without each other *¬*

    right now they arent strong enough to defend their love agains the world, thats why they arent together, Maybe they need to mature that love… only The Main Mice knows :3

    (los adoro, que ya se besen o moriré esperando su fatídico desenlace)

    • themice

      exactly! Both have a little growing up to do.

      • D. Garrett

        im worried that with the passage of time they may become vulnerable to the sexual advances or romantic interests of others though, they have no ability to strengthen the bond that was. and anyone who has lived knows that love can die…

  • Tsumikaze

    God please!! Gabriel Garcia Marquez (I’m a huge fan of some of his works yeah >.>), can’t you be a little good bird and become bigger so you can take Elan flying to where Rafa is…?
    No? not all birds do that? awwww….
    (really, It’s breaking my heart T.T makes me keep dreaming…)

    • themice

      He’ll need the Sesame Street Big Bird for that!

  • Sensational Sai

    I actually found this webcomic through an ad we put up on our own, Gilded Cage. I found it two nights past, and have spent every non busy moment since reading. Honestly my dear, I am well and truly hooked. Please, please, please keep going! The art is strangely beautiful. And not strange in a bad way, strange as in new, amazing and purely original. I have yet to see anything like it in all my other traipsings around the net. Good on you, and honestly, I now have a translator page on bookmark for Rafa! ^_^ So much fun~

    • themice

      Thank you! I’m finding comics on my own PW ads. I never realized there were so many.
      Strange is good for art! If I waited until I learned how to do digital better, or learned how to draw anime, I would never have started. It is a risk though, some people might pass up the story because of a strange style.

  • birdsofshore

    Perfect music choice <3
    You are making my heart hurt but it's sooooo good!

  • Stein

    I’m not sure if it was intended or not, but I thought it was ingenious to use the sixth movement of the Romeo and Juliet pieces as the theme song! That aside, I love this so much! Don’t stop! :D

    • themice

      The music is very well thought out. I thought a West Side Story song would be too obvious, so I chose the original. :)

  • Dokidokibaka

    Elan sure has a way with animals….well other than his dads dogs (but as I am myself not a dog person, I don’t mind this). I was actually kinda expecting that mouse from the very beginning to also be attached to Elan. Well, maybe he is and just kept a low profile because of the cat. He was right next to him after Rafa hit him with the car. When by most logic he should have just kept on running.

  • Sassafrassery

    I love your choice of music for this page and the expression on Elan’s face. Everything about this webcomic is just so perfect! <3

    • themice

      I love this piece. I couldn’t find a decent copy of the version I wanted though.

      • Sassafrassery

        Well, unfortunately, things don’t always work out the way you planned them, I guess. Still, beautiful page nonetheless. :) By the way, where/when did you learn to draw like this? Because, as an artist, I have to say you’re incredibly skilled!

        • themice

          I always liked to draw but was too busy with life & school. I started doing life figure drawing and found that to really help my skills increase exponentially in a short period of time (short as in a year ). I always liked to write so I decided to try a webcomic. You can see at the beginning I’m a bit wobbly, but it forced me to DRAW EVERYDAY to keep up and I think that helped the most.

          Now I have to figure out how to learn to do backgrounds, interior design, and perspective! D:

          • Sassafrassery

            Ugh, I know! Perspective is probably one of the hardest things to do! D: Well, you’ve definitely made incredible progress since the beginning. I guess practice does make perfect! :)

  • Aaron Alexander Young

    A piece about a bloody feud which claimed numerous lives, he must be capital P Pissed right now.

    • Yes, he is! He can’t express it verbally so it goes through the music.