Chapter 16 – Gabriel García Márquez: 7

Chapter 16 – Gabriel García Márquez - Page 7

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  • Morbidprince

    Rafa’s routine worked out well Elan has developed more muscles! ^///^

    • themice

      He definitely isn’t as scrawny as he was the beginning of the story!

    • Donald Burch

      I still want to see Elan grow his lovely curls back.

  • Dokidokibaka

    Loving that quote. I take it he ‘borrowed” that pic from his folder? And yay! he has a way to see Rafa! …..even though not in person…not yet

    • themice

      ^^A little slight of hand.

  • Cloesh

    Elan and his pet’s names will always make me laugh and admire his knowledge ;)

  • D. Garrett

    i love elans body position in the second panel.