Chapter 16 – Gabriel García Márquez: 6

Chapter 16 – Gabriel García Márquez - Page 6

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  • Lleyn

    Careless dad, clever boy. And oh, I like Elan’s suspicious “Really?” on the previous page, as if he knows something must be up when his father is all indulgent with his ideas, all of a sudden. But oh, oh, oh, what was in those files that has Elan so upset? Will it push him back to Rafa? But Elan probably thinks that Rafa doesn’t like him anymore as the rich boy he was revealed to be. Still I hope he’ll try to call him again. Pretty, pretty please? *Puppy eyes at The Mice*

    • themice

      I did keep it vague about what he saw. But it was enough.

      • Lleyn

        So he knows now that his father is trying to use him? And of course he does, clever remark that was about not signing anything without a lawyer. I just wonder what he’ll do know with that knowledge. Poor, poor Elan, he must feel truly alone right now.

        • themice

          He only had a few minutes.

  • KrisYWC

    Good job Elan.

    • themice

      Never underestimate the quiet ones.

  • M2MM

    His dad will only be nice UNTIL the papers are signed, then he’ll be back to his nasty self.

    • themice

      Yes, likely.

  • PrincessOni

    Dude, get out of there NOW! You are WAY to smart not to smell the bullshit!

    • themice

      Elan has to connect the dots still.

  • Roksana Gabriela Szuszkiewicz

    Run Elan !! RUUUUN !!
    Go to Rafa !!

    • The Mice

      You know Elan, he has to think things through. Rafa is the quick impulsive one.

    • themice

      Lol. He isn’t impulsive (that’s Rafa!), he has to think about this.

  • Tsumikaze

    *takes a deep breath*
    is… is it wednesday yet…?

    • The Mice

      It’s a’coming.

    • themice

      It’s a’coming!

  • Dypiqyhjf

    I’d have to say don’t listen to Not Alone – Parry Griffin when reading through this, cause it made me start tearing up as i read…
    But really good story so far – awaiting wednesday

    • themice

      I went and listened to this song. I love it, thanks for the tip. :)

    • D. Garrett

      ill have to remember to say not to listen to / look at my recommendation to make sure people do it in the future! brilliant!

  • Sybarite

    No! Why have I caught up already! Darn it. :( I found this comic tonight, and instead of doing work I’ve been reading this. There has been a marked progression in both the dialogue and the art since chapter one, and I am really looking forward to reading the next chapter (chapters? Books?).

    • themice

      I am happy you enjoyed it so far. Lots of chapters to go. I’ll be sad when it ends though (another year or less maybe).

  • Sybarite

    Hrm… I find it interesting that there is a passport in the folder as well. I wonder if there is a trip in their future?

  • Fyrekat42

    I sure as hell hope he peeked at those folders and that’s what’s got the trust barriers slamming into place. “I’ll have _my lawyers_ explain them to you…” Of course, DAD.

    • themice

      He saw enough to get highly suspicious. Elan isn’t a rash person, he’ll investigate. But he loves his dad even though he is not nice always.

      • Donald Burch

        Nobody wants to think ill of a parent. I’ve sadly been in a position where that trust was broken. It is a wound that never truly heals, an ache in the heart that never fully fades. Once the love and trust of a parent is broken it becomes incredibly difficult to trust anyone no matter how much our brains might tell us otherwise.

        • themice

          I have often been surprised to see what parents would against their own children for money or the need to control. Too many times.

  • IronDog

    Use his own training against him. Smart dude.