Chapter 16 – Gabriel García Márquez: 4

Chapter 16 – Gabriel García Márquez - Page 4

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  • Lleyn

    Oh god, this is awkward. I mean, dressed for dinner, seated on opposite ends of a long table, having a talk about Elan’s professional future… I can’t imagine things having been like this in the household while Elan’s mum still lived. Somehow, this family is as dysfunctional as those broken ones in the hoods, where Rafa lives. No family life whatsoever.

    • themice

      In my limited experience, the very wealthy have wacko dysfunctional families — (caveat: the rich families I’ve been near to). Elan’s small family had to deal with untimely death and cultural differences (parents very different backgrounds), inlaw feuds, and new money.

  • Ana Badra

    Aaand… there is no more! Just read the whole thing today! I’m so glad I found this :D Great art, great story… I’m loving this so much

    • themice

      *o/* More to come! :)

  • mia

    this comic is addicting and all-around gorgeous. the characters are amazing, especially carlisle. lovely art and i’ve been crying for the last five chapters or so. really, really brilliant, i cannot wait for the next pages. thank you so much for this story

    • themice

      I’m happy you like it and find it addicting. I’m addicted to doing it too! :)

  • Ninhursag

    What’s his dad’s plan, why is the house so empty? We’ll see…