Chapter 16 – Gabriel García Márquez: 3

Chapter 16 – Gabriel García Márquez - Page 3

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  • Xiao Wen


    I’m glad I’ve commented before this, because I wouldn’t have wanted my first comment to gently point out that you might have meant “you’re anxious to…” instead of “your”. (I wasn’t looking for errors, I’m just a little more sensitive to words)

    Thank you for the pages, as always.

    • themice

      Thanks! I corrected it. I’m getting better at self-editing but still not great.

      • Xiao Wen

        I’d volunteer, if you don’t mind grammar nazi-ish comments.

        • themice

          Sold. Do you want sneak previews or just when it is published?

          • Xiao Wen

            I had to wait for the new day to say sneaks would make a pretty awesome birthday present. Also, I’m an unusually prompt replier of email. :)

          • themice

            Ok, I’m usually working with a two to three-week buffer so it won’t be too far in advance. Should I just email to the address you have on your disqus account?

  • Dokidokibaka

    …..still too ill? If he was with Rafa he would be proving just how well he is doing…..^_^ Though I think Rafa would be keeping him in bed for a whole other reason ^_^

    • themice

      He had some internal damage, but luckily the liver regenerates. He would have done better under Rafa’s care because he would be happy & loved. Your state of mind is important for recovery, and his mind feels abandoned and lonely.

  • Guest

    I swear Elan is the spitting image of a young Allan Ginsberg xD

    • themice

      Really? I had to look at some of his old pictures. His nose is more angular, but the hair and glasses are the same!

      • Eva Sheller

        Hahah, maybe it’s just the whole “good, well-educated boy gone rebellious and gay” that reminds me of Allen xD heh, hopefully Elan will grow old in a more uhm… well-groomed manner.
        But really i so love the story! And you’re extremely talented, keep up the good work! (and if you haven’t yet explored the world of beat, I think you will really love some of the beat works, just judging from the Murakami, Marquez interest :)

        • themice

          I did go through a Beat Poet phase, and Kerouac!

  • Eva Sheller

    I swear Elan is the spitting image of a young Allen Ginsberg xD

  • Donald Burch

    Excuse me, but why should Elan need to “sell” anything? He is a legal adult by every standard. GRRR…! This kind of diminutive talk is a hot button for me. Of course Mice is clever enough to instill it in Elan’s dad. Nice touch. Still thinking about the man falling down forty flights of stairs trampled by his underpaid employees… *ahem*

    • themice

      His father needs to maintain complete control over the people in his life no matter whatthe age.

  • Sell? What on earth does he have to sell to you and why?

    • Jonni

      Elan has had time to get used to his independence; Mr Singer is probably looking to train Elan to think he needs Mr Singer’s approval for anything he wishes to do. (Or maybe in his mind “my son” equates to “my property”). For all he has ranted in flashbacks that he wants Elan to be “a real man” his constant habitual need to assert his dominance is what holds Elan back from growing and making a happy life for himself. To always be in control, he needs to prevent Elan from finding strength and worth in himself, so that Elan always has to cave in to him. He says he is raising his son, but in fact he is crushing him.

  • IronDog

    Because it’s entirely your decision, of course.