Chapter 16 – Gabriel García Márquez: 1

Chapter 16 – Gabriel García Márquez - Page 1

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  • Dokidokibaka

    ….I hope to high heaven Elan is thinking inside that head of his, “What the hell does he want, he must be trying to soften me up for something” Crap…what is that saying about beware something bearing gifts?

    • themice

      He wants his father to love him, but he isn’t dumb. :)

    • Jonni

      Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.

  • Railenthe Zeal

    Canaries make me think of Melodies of Life and DAMMIT FEELS.

    …great, now in my head Elan’s Rafa’s canary. ♥

  • Red

    I don’t like short hair! :(

  • Ninhursag

    I bet that bird in the cage is a metaphor for the state Elan is right now, that must be the very reason his father gave him that, to rekind Elan he is under his father’s control.
    Also, the title reminds me of Garbriel Garcia Marquez’ death a year ago, it saddens me, he was one of my favorite authors.