Chapter 15 – Apart: 9

Chapter 15 – Apart - Page 9

Nunca Olvidarte Artilleros del Microfono

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  • Larkle

    That kitten’s expression isn’t very cute. It makes me feel worried.

    • The Mice

      Don’t worry. That kitty is tough.

  • Dokidokibaka

    Come on Rafa, you know you wanna take him home!!!

  • SmokedBoo

    Now we are at the “deep thought” scene of the romantic film. The part where the “bad boy” thinks about whether or not he wants to go get his love despite the fact that his love’s father hates him, thinks he’s a bad influence, and is all together bad for his child. As he walks the streets, he contemplates whether or not his love is better off without him, and that maybe it’s for the better that it’s this way. Because this way, his love is alive and safe but unhappy. This way, he can be secure in the fact that maybe his love will forget him and move on to be happy. Classic sappy stuff, but I could be wrong.

    /turns next page

    • themice

      Very close!

  • AinsleyMcKellen

    I’ll bet that kitty has popped some caps in some asses.

  • Ninhursag

    Yay, another cat ^^ And he looks grumpy, all the more cuter.