Chapter 15 – Apart: 5

Chapter 15 – Apart - Page 5

♫ Pedro the Lion – The Poison ♫

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  • Alex

    “The Poison” is an amazing song! It sounds like it’s about the comic — written especially for poor Rafa — only his “true love” in the song is a woman, and he is stickly dickly. I love that phrase! It still makes me laugh. I have never heard anyone say this in real life, but now I wish I had a chance to use it myself.

    Poor Rafa. I hope he can mail the journal back to Elan once he has filled it, maybe? Or just kidnap him. One of the two, maybe both. We could call it “helping him escape” but Elan tried that once already and it didn’t really go as planned, so I don’t know whether he’ll try it again or just get really passive agressive while still staying in his father’s house. I’m putting my money on some passive agressive hilarity.

    I’m a little worried, though. It’s almost as though his dad wants him dead? I hope you explain this a bit more in the comic… the conference between Mr. Singer (senior) and the investigator earlier was good — but not clear about how Elan could be independantly wealthy. An inheritance, from my understanding, would be his upon reaching maturity (18 or 21?) but his dad is still trying to take it away from him? As a legal adult of sound mind and body, I don’t know what hold his father still has — except financial… And Elan was trying to get away from that.

    • The Mice

      Very hard to find a song with a man singing about a man so I just hope people replace the pronoun. :)

      Elan is very passive-aggressive, one of his many faults! LOL. But he genuinely loves his father and wants his father to love him.

      I hope to explain it clearly much latter! This part is a true story I know about — a parent trying to steal money from their child even though the presumably “loved” the child. It is partly about control issues, and a lot about greed, and something else. There is a tiny hint in Chapter 15 Page 8, so watch for it. I do a lot of little things I hope people catch.

  • matsuba44

    owo nice music mice and how bad of you to almost forget about the update >:U don’t make me go pummel you so you remember next time >:U

    • The Mice

      LOL you can always drop me a nag email. :)

      • matsuba44

        LOL that i could be then you would be like who the frick is dis?

        • The Mice

          Haha, no, I’d remember you.

  • Lleyn

    To me, it sounded more as if Mr. Singer was trying to gain control over Elan. I think he reacted as he did to Elan leaving law school because of that, trying to suppress Elan’s first attempt at being independent.

    And I interpreted the investigator’s / lawyer’s remark in that vein, that Elan had not slipped up so far, that no fault could be found in his actions. If there were, if Elan had done drugs, stolen something or got into shady dealings, his father would have had the ‘right’ to intervene and restrict Elan’s freedom.

    It would’ve also given him a good argument against Elan’s maternal relatives as to why Elan should not be given control over his inheritance, his ‘loving’ father looking after it for his unreliable son. Now that Elan has been shot in a drive-by gang hit in a disreputable part of town, I’m sure his father will use those circumstances to argue that he needs to keep Elan ‘safe’ – and thus under his thumb. If he can gain control over Elan, he gains access to his inheritance.

    Interesting thing, though, about Elan’s maternal relatives looking for him – or at least that’s what Mr. Singer’s wingman implies.

    • The Mice

      Yes, a little Oliver Twist! ;)

      And, yes, Arthur Singer is all about control, and as well as other things …

  • Alex

    Ooooh. good point. I hadn’t put that slant on things, but it makes more sense than some master plan involving assasination. ^__^

    Lleyn is so smart.

    I hope Elan’s maternal relatives are like his mama… nice? Although it seems like the “rich people” in this comic all have their own agendas. Like The Gov’nah.
    who is so cool in his very tall shoes. :D

  • Magpie Jones

    How fucked up is it that the Gov’nah – that shady pimp dude who would screw most people over without a thought – is better to him than his own Father. Or at least more honest.

    • themice

      Evil characters are complex, like bad people in real life. They can be mean to their own but kind to certain people. At least that has been my experience.

  • Aikaru

    You could try Thinking Bout you by Frank Ocean if you are still interested.

    • themice

      I wonder if he wrote that for his lovely lovely hot ex – Willy Cartier

      • D. Garrett

        whoo hoo! didnt know about any of this. they were a hot couple.

        • Incredibly hot. I would love to draw them if I had time. They are no longer together — rats.

        • Incredibly hot. I would love to draw them if I had time. They are no longer together — rats.

  • Red

    I can’t with Rafa’s notes, they make me cry again. He is so alone and helpless and hopeless…

  • KiEl

    I don’t know if I’m a bit dyslectic cause Im having a bit of difficulty in reading Rafa’s writing…. I can read Elan’s properly but Rafa’s a bit of a challenge…