Chapter 15 – Apart: 2

Chapter 15 – Apart - Page 2

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  • Krondor2000

    I read through your story from the beginning to this very page. It’s beautiful. Can’t wait for more to come! :-)

    • The Mice

      *\o/* *\o/* *\o/* A lot more planned! :)

  • matsuba44

    this webcomic was very wonderful even with the music i gotta say i loved the music with the webcomic because it definitely brought on a different spice to the webcomics i normally read and i still love it

    • The Mice

      Thank you! <3 I hope you continue to enjoy it. I have a lot of new music selections for the next chapters.

  • matsuba44

    awesome it’s a pretty nice comic through i’m surprised that nobody has commented much about it. I really like the music too it’s really sweet with the comic

    • The Mice

      I don’t get a lot of comments, but I think that goes with not doing anime or digital? I’m trying to learn digital but I’m infinitely faster with a pencil. :)

  • Just discovered this and read the whole archive to date. No audio on this computer, so I skipped the music; must go back over it some time when I get my speakers working.

    Wonderful stuff. It’s beautiful.


    • The Mice

      If you can’t read the whole thing again with the music throughout, I just put up a list of the music on one page: Most of it is a little sappy indie stuff!

      Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it and will come back to read the updates. :)

  • Lleyn

    Wow, I can’t believe this comic eluded me until now. This. is. beautiful! Just read it in one go while I’m supposed to be working and am looking forward again to reading it where I can listen to the music and properly enjoy each and every page. Keep it up!

    • The Mice

      I have all the music listed here:, but feel free to read again and listen to the music for the scene too. ;)

      Thank you for reading! So far it is SFW (if it ever doesn’t I’ll put up individual page warnings). <3

  • Brent

    I absolutely love this beautiful story and art and the music just helps draw me deeper in. I read everything so far in one sitting and I am ready to see what happens next.

    • The Mice

      I hope you will continue to enjoy it! :) I’ll have new pages on Wednesday (even though I’m traveling — hope the hotel internet works! :D )

  • Alfredo

    Tus dibujos han cobrado vida y demandan tu atención como una mascota pidiendo comida o un hijo pidiendo afecto, que son para ti tus creaciones? como sientes el mundo que has creado para ellos? tal vez para nosotros sea solo ficción pero me intriga saber que piensa un artista.

    • The Mice

      Gracias por escribir! Escribo / dibujo de la vida yo sé – amor entre personas de diferentes clases.

  • Alex

    Is it wrong that I think Rafa is hot with scruffy-beard? Very hot! If only he weren’t miserable…

    I know he’s only about 23, but with the beard he looks like a man, instead of an over-grown boy. I think I prefer this way?

    • The Mice

      I agree! I like this manly look too.

  • Nika-chan

    Totally up with that yet.. I think Elan would agree with us too LOL

  • D. Garrett

    ya know, i just realized that this webcomic isnt explicit. normally i dont read anything that isnt rated mature or explicit. kudos to u! i didnt even realize until this moment i was making an exception. wow.

    • I originally planned it to be more explicit, even have some pages of explicit stuff never published. But I found it was going to be hard to get up on some webhosts. So then I thought they could be “extras” in publishing, but I went to print-on-demand route because I didn’t have money for advanced printing and POD places don’t like explicit stuff either.

      I could have researched it more.

  • Ninhursag

    I agree, the beard suits him <3