Chapter 15 – Apart: 19

Chapter 15 – Apart - Page 19

♫♬ Mr. Hammer – Alter Ego ♫♬

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  • D. Garrett

    ok. i know i might get hate msgs, but jake looks kinda cute to me here. would like to see him without the hat tho. and i think if i had a peek in the bedroom when he and rafa were having sex i would be he*la happy. just sayin…

    • LOL. Jake is supposed to somewhat handsome and sexy – moreso than Elan (thinks he is anyway).

      His hat does come off for a brief time in a future panel. He is thinning a little up there so he likes to keep it hidden.

      • lol, I was about to say that Jake probably wears the hat all the time because he is trying to hide a bald spot!

      • D. Garrett

        cool. im sure his thinning hair isnt that bad.