Chapter 15 – Apart: 18

Chapter 15 – Apart - Page 18

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  • Laura

    I just discovered your comic a couple weeks ago, and I have been so loving it! Your characters are very interesting and lovable, and I can’t wait for more! Love your drawings, too.

    • themice

      *o/* There will be a lot more!

  • PrincessOni

    …Why would you do that Rafa? I understand that this is SHIT but….THAT WAS THE PHONE THAT ELAN CALLED AND IS MOST LIKELY GOING TO CALL AGAIN! NOW NO CALLS FOR YOU!

    • themice

      what can I say? Rafa is hot blooded and passionate sometimes. He’s working on it, but not very well sometimes!

  • Eyes

    Well, for a second there Rafa went angsty and stuff, and then Elan calls….
    Eye can’t think of any other than salad //Eyeknowit’ssolame (Eye meant mixed feeling but Eye lacked vocabulary, so yeah)

    Anyhow Eye is a new reader, and actually when Eye saw your comic, Eye was definitely ready to read it. But then Eye saw your first page and then Eye thought ‘ugh.. This comic seems like serious business (elan’s dad kinda looks like a mafia//well he is scary but sorry elan’s dad didn’t mean to)’ so Eye just let the EMR tab open and hope to read it in the future (because bookmark doesn’t work on Eye). And finally Eye is here. Eye just wanted to say that your comic is the best, Eye haven’t hear it with the songs (the others are sleeping and stuff), but even then Eye shed tears just by reading it.
    Well, Eye haven’t finish this comic but Eye will re read it and listen to the songs and probably need a bunch of tissue ;_;
    Eyes is cheering on you! And eyes knows when the story is good(or great/awesome), eyes will throw out a bucket of salty water
    Good day to you~

    • themice

      Thank you Eye! It is a serious comic but I like to add some humor now and then. No mafia though, only stuff I sort of know about! Thank you for commenting.

  • gen

    a;sldkjf this is physically painful to read (but in a good, story-telling sort of way, i assure you)

  • JesBelle

    I am picturing Elan sitting in his window with Mura and the new kitty and there are a couple pieces of duct tape covering that hole.

    • themice

      Rafa has a bit of OCD for things looking right, he used his skills to clean that up!

      • JesBelle

        Oh, he’d want to, but after a vet bill and a new phone? A couple weeks of duct tape would teach him not to throw his electronics around. But, I knew he’d fix it just as soon as I’d posted.

        • themice

          DIY Rafa got it done cheaper, but you are right! It might have had to stay with duck tape and torture him for a while. :)

  • Ananaskaneli

    Feels stupid to comment on an old page, but are those the two women Elan heard talking about him/Rafa/Jake-triangle in the secondhand shop a while back?

    • I didn’t intend them as the same people — but it works so much better if they were. So let’s say they are!

  • IronDog

    Do people really discuss others like this? Somehow I continue to be astounded by humanity.

    • Yes, yes they do. The accuracy depends on how well they know the person they are talking about.She knows at least well enough to know it was either Elan or Jake. Then again, I suspect Elan and Rafa to be hot news on the gossip line.