Chapter 15 – Apart: 15

Chapter 15 – Apart - Page 15

Even Now by William Fitzsimmons

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  • Alex

    O.O *gasp* Perhaps a long-hoped-for phone call???

    I cannot decide if I like Elan’s new glasses or not… I think because I fell in love with him when he was wearing his first pair, it is hard to get used to the change…
    Also, Elan lounges in the cutest fashion… like he can’t quite get comfortable…
    Is this because his side still hurts or because he is in his father’s home, I wonder?

    I love the art. And also, Elan, do not give someone the thumbs up. You look silly, kid. Very silly when you do!

    *hugs to the Dancing Mice*

    • The Mice

      No decision on what Elan decides to do with those glasses. He isn’t very vain, but those aren’t what he would have picked out for himself.

      Thanks Alex!

  • taurussieben

    Damnit, that scene with that song, you are killing me!

    And you, Mister Upperclass, take the damn telephone!


    Thank you very much for the lovely update, can’t wait for more. :3

    • The Mice

      That song kills me too. I play it a lot.

      More to come! :)

  • Lleyn

    *g* In that first panel, Elan looks like a little kid who can’t wait for their parents to go out so they can throw an impromptu party or get into their parents’ secret locker. “Sure, dad, I’ll be fine on my own, just take your time!” If I were the butler, that grin combined with the thumbs-up would have my parental senses tingling. But I guess the butler is not the mothering type.

    And goodness! He’s around Elan all the time? Sure feels like house arrest. But of course, Elan isn’t grounded, just cared for. Yeah right.

    • The Mice

      I’m very glad you got the gist of the whole scene! :D

    • Ninhursag

      In my country we have a saying that is appropriate in this situation : “Când pisica nu-i acasă, joacă şoarecii pe masă” (When the cat’s away, the mice will play”) which also hints to cats and mice if you know what I mean ^^

  • Hiroko von Rabersdorf

    I read your comic at one breath. Love it! And! Like dream for me. :) So, thank you very much and … i am loking for next page. :-) (mabye tell more next time..:D)

    • The Mice

      Thank you! Comments are always encouraging since this takes a lot of my free time (but it is a labor of love).

  • Vincent

    I stumbled accross your comic about a week ago, by seeing banner ad on another comic.
    I’ve very much enjoyed reading your comic and the story. For sure I was expecting the worst to happen to Elan and the story be finished, because of Rafa’s writing in the journal response. It is good to know is not like that.

    I like Elan’s pose in first panel. He looks older. Glasses and shorter hair suit him. He looks less like baby bird and more stronger and able to look after himself. He has learned more about the world now.

    Your art has improved a lot too I think since the beginning. I like the soft pencil shading you do. Songs are very lovely to listen to also. Thank-you for writing and drawing such a cool comic & story. :)

    • The Mice

      Thank you for the thoughtful comment Vincent.

      I’m not a big fan of character death, though I will put them to the test. Elan has grown up a lot, but still has more to do giving that he went from one highly controlling father to a very protective Rafa in a matter of days. He will need to stand on his own for while.

      The art at the beginning has been on my mind a lot. Much that I read on comic forums is to leave it alone and let the viewer see the progression. I would hope, however, it isn’t something that will lose readers too early into the story. Not that I have time to redraw it now though!

      • Doug

        No! You will never lose readers – even if your technique has grown stronger, the characters are compelling from the moment the story begins. And isn’t that the perfect metaphor (which you didn’t plan) for the growth of the characters?!

        I am a sensitive dude (as you know) and it never occurred to me that your drawings were not perfectly beautiful. I’m not a fine artist (most of us are not) but I have seen much art. Yours is beautiful from start to finish…


        • themice

          Thank you Doug! You’ve always been so supportive from the very beginning! :)


  • birdsofshore

    Here via leochi:
    What a beautiful comic; I just read the whole thing straight through and I am so gripped by this story. Wonderful work, thank you!

    • The Mice

      Thank you for taking the time to read and that leochi brought you here! <3

  • EliLovesHisCuddleMuffin

    Augh! This is by far the best comic I have ever read! I was crying when I saw Elan get shot. Your artwork is fantastic, and I am glad to have found a break from the manga style.

    • themice

      I knew when I started this may not appeal to the manga crowd, but I’ve gotten a few that can do both. So much more freeing not to follow all the rules sometimes. :)

      Thank you! It is always good to get comments like these when you feel like this consumes your free time to much and you should be out meeting weirds or homeless around here or something! lol

      • Ninhursag

        Well, coming from both a manga and comic avid reader, I really enjoy your art style. I’m glad you don’t want to cater to the manga demographic and choose to follow your own unique style. Keep up the amazing work, you just got a new supporter in me ^^

  • Magpie Jones

    He looks so sad without his hair and glasses

    • themice

      I know! He is back where these things are taken care of for him.

  • lks


  • Red

    Please call! I know you weren’t sure about his love but you have a thousand excuses to call! Ask for Mura, the journal, whatever!!!!! JUST CALL!

  • Ninhursag

    Yay, Elan, seize the opportunity and call Rafa.
    Also, why did the cut his hair? Because of the surgery or because his father doesn’t like it when he has slightly longer hair? His hair length was just fine before.