Chapter 15 – Apart: 13

Chapter 15 – Apart - Page 13

Cristofori’s Dream by David Lanz

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  • Lleyn

    …And Elan looks so forlorn there. I bet he’d prefer Rafa’s old piano over this any time. I was going to post an ironic comment on how horrible it is that you had to treat us to three pages instead of two, but this is just so goddamn heart-breaking.

    • The Mice

      I know, poor Elan. Still weak and not sure of his place.

  • Ray

    Eeeeee. I cannot put to words how much I love this webcomic! The art is so astonishing, every panel is so detailed in a heartbreaking way, and I absolutely adore the style. Cannot wait for more!!

    • The Mice

      Each panel is its own drawing and I try to fit it into the one story page – sort of the opposite of the way it is suppose to be done. I go through a LOT of paper this way.

      Thank you! I’m glad you are enjoying it. <3

  • Kris

    Oh man I love this song.

    • The Mice

      I do too. I found it randomly listening to like songs on Pandora.

      • SVM2015

        Isn’t it how most good songs are found – spontaneous moments? :)

  • pat

    So happy I saw ur ad! Love this story and ur art is spectacular. Thanks for all of the hard work!!!!

    • The Mice

      Thank you! I’m happy that you like it. I think about the characters and plotline all the time it seems. :)

  • Taruus

    Just awesome, and so great to read. Can’t wait what to see what you have in store for them…

    • The Mice

      Thank you! <3 I have a lot more in store! Hope you continue to enjoy it.

  • lee

    i just spent the last hour and a half reading this and now i want to cry because there is no more! this is absolutely beautiful and im so happy Elan didnt die. I kept thinking he was going to because of Rafa’s comments but he’s alive well half alive without his love.

    • The Mice

      I’ll admit I couldn’t kill Elan, he’s a tough little thing anyway! Hard to kill.

      I’m glad you spent the time to read the whole thing! <3 <3 Don't worry, there are more pages already done.

  • tjnstlouismo

    I really appreciate your work, the story is so different, I so love Elan’s strength and gentle beauty. I know he will find his way back to Rafa, who seriously is falling apart without him. I can totally see that each panel is a seperate drawing, and the music touch is so special. Thank you for this.

    • The Mice

      You are welcome! :) I’m happy you appreciate it.

      Stay tuned for an update today. <3

  • Yumara_n_Yushiro

    I played the song and I could almost see Elan moving with it. You can feel the music in this drawing. Well done. This panel is fantastic… Now stop making me cry so much D: <3

    • themice

      Thank you…sorry too! :3

  • Donald Burch

    I’m an old fart and once upon a time I loved a TV show called “Beauty and the Beast.” Not the new show but the old one with Ron Pearlman as Vincent. That show often brought tears to my eyes and gave me hope during a very dark time in my life. This comic brings me the same hope. The music is beautiful and touching. The characters are only human but try their best and the villains are often tragic figures to pity while at the same time I hate what they do. No one is pure, no one is perfect, what matters is that we try. Thank you for bringing that touch of beauty and hope back into my life.

    • themice

      I’ve never heard of it. Was it a series? Not a movie?

  • NatureFantasy

    With that kind of talent, I wonder if he could get part-time work performing at bars. He played in front of a room with other people in that scene where Rafa was watching him, and he was ok then… But maybe if he was an official performer for them and he knew others had expectations of him he’d feel stage fright like at recitals… Still, he should look into it.

    • themice

      It was hard when he was being judged or in a competition. Playing just for fun was OK so just to entertain an audience could be an option — like Billy Joel’s piano man!

  • Railenthe Zeal

    I own the album this piece is on and oh my gods perfect.

  • Ninhursag

    Lol, he really is on a fancy grand piano.