Chapter 15 – Apart: 11

    Chapter 15 – Apart - Page 11

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  • Alex

    Rafa would be an excellent daddy. Now he just needs Elan to come back and make him smile again… Poor baby is having a rough day, first the vet and then eye medication, oh noes! So cute. I love Murakami’s reaction.

    • The Mice

      Rafa would make a good dad. Right now he feels an obsessive need to care for everything and everybody in a world that has been out of his control (his dad, brothers, family, friends) for so long.

  • Dokidokibaka

    I knew sweetie was going to take care of her. ^_^

  • Jonni

    I love the way Rafa tries to hide his heart, but he just can’t.

  • Ninhursag

    Awww, last panel is so adorable, the cat is so small that it can be taken in one hand ^^