Chapter 15 – Apart: 1

Chapter 15 – Apart - Page 1

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  • Tsumikaze

    oh hello there! I’m sorry I’ve not commented before, but I believe your comic was really amazing. The art is wonderful, the characters are impressive (I reaaaaally love Elan >W<), and plus I like the story so much.
    I'm really expecting a lot from you with this comic. Thank you so much for havin it online :D

    • themice

      Thank you <3 <3 I hope the story will surprise you. :)

  • Tambra Galid

    Carlise’s line made me smile. Very nice writing there.

    • themice

      She is always blunt with Rafa, he usually can take it. :)

  • I still giggle….”Start acting like a man and I might start hating you properly>” I love Carlise.

    And I am not sure a cat should be drinking….but then again drinking alone sucks.

  • Chris Roller

    You are an evil, brilliant, clever genius. I’ve got eyelash leaks all over the place and I CAN’T STOP CLICKING