Chapter 14 – Mr. Singer: 6

Chapter 14 – Mr. Singer - Page 6

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  • Tambra Galid

    Yeah, I don’t like his dad at all. He’s a jerk.

    • themice

      His dad is very black and white. You are wrong, I am always right. I’m sure most people have run into that type.

      • Yep. which is why I live in a grey world. Works a lot better when you realize just how much black and white are subjective.

      • lks

        yes, *my* dad

        • Jonni

          “There are two sides to every argument: mine and the wrong one.” It’s funny until people start using it in real life.

  • Fluffy_bat

    The earth vader theme song should play every time there’s a scene with his dad.yup

  • lks

    I was expecting something along these lines…i hope this is going where i hope this is going and not where i fear it is going…oh lordy