Chapter 13 – That Day: Page 11

Chapter 13 – That Day - Page 11

Jolene – Jay Brannan

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  • Tambra Galid

    Famous last words, Jake.

    • Dokidokibaka


  • Dokidokibaka

    I hate to admit this, but I think I like the Dolly Parton version better. A VERY long time ago, I really liked her. No offense to Jay, but you know you get used to singing a song a certain way (even if it was over half my life ago) trying to sing along to different version is kinda rough. Though I did like how he did the longer Jolenes.

    • themice

      Funny, I have Dolly’s version on my iPhone. I had Miley Cyrus’s version up first, because despite everything I like her voice. But when I found Jay’s version I was happy to use a male’s voice and right pronoun for once!

      • I also think that the emotion is more there with Dolly. but that may be more me.

    • PenelopePepperPants

      Because I am the kind of person who comments on 3-year-old conversations, can I say, that while yes of course while Dolly Parton’s Jolene will always be the one that first comes to mind, I have to say I really like the White Stripes’ version too. There’s something about the husky voice of Jack White that haunts me in a way that Dolly’s never can.

      • I think that might be because it feels like he already lost when singing this song. sung by Jack it feels more like a song of loss, of actually giving up. Dolly’s singing, she is actually fighting for her man. Jack singing the song makes me feel like he has already lost and doesn’t really think he can win his man back. So it feels more like a song of sad acceptance.

  • D. Garrett

    wow i love that song.

  • Bruno Senra

    Jay Brannan! Love his voice, his songs “Housewife” (first one I heard, really touched me) and “Happily Ever After” are simply superb. I think the latter would really fit this comic, too… *sigh*