Chapter 12 – Rumors, Truth & Lies: Page 9

Chapter 12 – Rumors, Truth  Lies - Page 9

♭♮He’s Not a Boy by The Like ♭♮
youtube is cute too

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  • Tambra Galid

    That cat! I really love how you captured just how a cat acts.

    • themice

      I have had cats all my life. Each one was different but they had cat similarities.

  • Donald Burch

    Is there nothing you draw without exquisite care and detail? Hands, feet, cats, perspective? I’m in awe of your skill and talent as an artist. The story comes alive with your visuals. It would not be the same without your touch.

    • themice

      Thank you! I had never drawn cats before so I have to use references — which is why Murakami always looks a little different. I’ve gotten better and trying to eschew references for him and make him unique.

      • Ninhursag

        I consider drawing hands the right way is one of the hardest things for an artist, and you draw such exquisite hands <3 I'm in awe.

  • loveispainpleasure

    Ouch! I feel Elan’s pain. It really hurts when cats do that! Haha, but so cute.

  • Ninhursag

    “Chutzpah” another new word added to my vocabulary ^^