Chapter 12 – Rumors, Truth & Lies: Page 8

Chapter 12 – Rumors, Truth  Lies - Page 8

Marié Digby – Say It Again

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  • Donald Burch

    I enjoy using Google translate and it works! I learn something new every day, thanks!

  • loveispainpleasure

    My Spanish is sooo bad. It took me like five seconds to figure out what Carlos was telling Rafa. Ugh. Love Spanish–delayed reaction time. Takes me five seconds to laugh at something funny someone says, too.

  • Ninhursag

    I understood it even if I didn’t take one Spanish lesson. Maybe it’s because Romanian is similar to Spanish because of its Latin roots.

  • Victoria

    Nos vemos? Que queria decir con eso?

  • IronDog

    Some people are sick of ‘classy things’ and just want to snuggle. Just saying.