Chapter 12 – Rumors, Truth & Lies: Page 18

Chapter 12 – Rumors, Truth  Lies - Page 17

Jusin Vernon – Easy

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  • gen

    this one ruins me every time

  • Magpie Jones

    I don’t think I want to read any further. It’s going to be sad, and I’ll cry. Is it too much to hope for a happy ending?

    • themice

      Hopefully the reward will be worth all the sadness (like any great love! :P )

      • Ninhursag

        You saying warmed my heart, now I have hope for these two.

  • Tambra Galid

    Oh, the feels! The feels!!!

  • lks

    OH MY NO

  • SVM2015

    Okay. Don’t hit the computer, don’t hit the computer…
    Poor Elan and Rafa!

  • Yumara_n_Yushiro

    I can’t do it! I can’t read on! But I must, but I can’t, but I must… OH THE AGONY! Why do you do this? I have been up all night reading this comic! I want to know what happens! I shall push to the last bit. I hope Elan does not die because I WILL cry.

  • Stevie

    Are those tear smudges in the image? Subtle detail.

    • themice


      So glad you NOTICED!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D

      • Stevie

        Fantastic job, the whole comic is lovely :). I noticed you did it on one of later pages as well.

  • KiEl

    Wow… my eyes got watery by reading Rafa’s writings…. I’m a new reader… I wanna stop reading but I can’t sleep not knowing what happens next…..

    • Red

      I am exactly were you are, It’s 5am and I can’t stop and I’m crying right now!

  • Kinkylittlewolf

    That was….and then….I am so addicted to this now, and I just started it earlier this morning. XD

  • Cloesh

    I need another box of tissues.

  • D. Garrett

    my heart is melting….