Chapter 12 – Rumors, Truth & Lies: Page 10

Chapter 12 – Rumors, Truth  Lies - Page 10

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  • gentlechaos

    alright sorry, but his hair looks like pubes :D At first I thought Rafa was doing something naughty x’D but I guess thats how curls look sometimes… I love this comic, it’s freaking awesome :* <3

    • themice

      OMG, lol! Thanks for the laugh! :D

      Gosh, it does look like that. But rest assured Elan keeps his much better trimmed! LOL

    • loveispainpleasure

      Seriously? I knew right away it was his head. You’re seeing things. lol.

      And going down on someone is not naughty. It’s wonderful.

  • D. Garrett

    im lervin the snuggles!

  • Ninhursag

    Aww, that close up, Rafa is cute ^^