Chapter 11 – Promise: Page 9

Chapter 11 – Promise - Page 9

Tracy Chapman – Never Yours

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  • Meh

    He’s not gonna keep it is he ?

  • lks

    i love the way elan holds rafa’s head in the second panel. it seems…cherishing. and rafa in the third seems just protective and possessive but gentle

  • Donald Burch

    Don’t make promises you cannot keep, Rafa… /sigh The art in this story is so full of depth and emotion. I find it enchanting. It reminds me of the best scenes from “Beauty and the Beast” featuring Vincent and Catherine.

  • AEmerz

    See, now I’m just going to hold Rafa to that promise like he’s holding Elan right now. Dinner, wine, and stuff sounds excellent.

  • Bruno Senra

    Tracy Chapman, yay :D Beautiful, beautiful coloring, very poignant!